Experience is often Overrated

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Punch out the giant imageHave you noticed how hilarious it is to see a skinny guy go into the boxing ring with a hefty looking guy?The skinny guy throwing punches at the big and hefty guy. A very hilarious sight indeed.

However, it is usually awesome when Mr Skinny beats Mr Hefty to a pulp. A wonderful sight to behold, causing tingles down your neck at the pleasure of being a witness to such event.

In the same light, it brings great pleasure to see a seemingly inexperienced person do  great at a job or career everyone thinks he/she is incapable of doing and thinks is meant for someone already established at that job or line of career.

Experience is therefore, as has been noticed, overrated. I repeat, experience is often overrated. Jason Fried also thinks so.

Remember the Tortoise and the Hare story? Yeah, the slow Tortoise always won in that story. In the same vein, determination and passionate work will always stand you out.

A well groomed mind sticking to what it wants and working hard at achieving set goals is far more useful than a mind that is just experienced.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying experience is the devil. Experience is essential in a lot of things, but its importance is often over-exaggerated.

So, let’s assume that “Experience” is a giant. You can punch out experience with your grit and determination. It may take a while, you may not get the opportunities the way you want it; but if you keep at achieving your set goal with determination, passion and grit you’ll definitely take out the giant.


What’s your opinion? How do you plan to punch out any giant that is in your face?

Nathan Jeffery


  1. My plan to punch out the giant in my face is by studying the principles of the position and also initiating by own method.

  2. i know of a guy who was employed because of his experience.all he does his to browse the internet during work hour and disturb others.and anytime he is challenged for not contributing to work,his response always is ‘you know i am new in this company,give me more time to set in’.most of those who brandish experience about contributed little to nothing at their previous workplace.but experience helps to integrate (for those with real work experience).

  3. Yeah,this is pretty correct.I lost in 3jobs interview I had recently simply due to over confidence.Not only on my co applicants I considered incapable of beating me to the game,I also looked down on the interview panelists.this really thought me the lession of my life as getting any of the job would have placed me in grade B managing director level in the Nigeria financial system!

  4. There will always be emergence of new champion in any tournament, just give the upcoming ones chance to display their dexterity you will be surprise on what you see. What happened in 9ja is that no one wants to give the chance to fresh graduates , forgetting that before one gain experience, one must be given an opportunity to be put to test. They (employers) want already made and are ready to pay heavily to get them, instead of paying less to fresh graduates and use the balance to train them to the level they would want them to be.

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