Ways to Adopt Job Automation Without Spooking Employees

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job automation

One inevitable fact is that technological advancement and job automation will displace some job and the people who do them over the next decade. This is precisely why job automation reeks of fear and frustration to most of your employees.

Your responsibility as an employer is to prepare your employees for this inevitability by arming them with skills that will help them retain their jobs regardless of technological advancement and the growing adoption of artificial intelligence. In other words, your job is to help your employees understand that they need AI just as much as it needs them.

Let us take a closer look at this There is a wave of job automation sweeping across Nigeria’s finance industry with the banking sector taking the lead. Chatbots are opening accounts, responding to customer queries on social media, checking balances and much more.

While automation is good; no matter how you look at it, it is important for organisations to find a balance in their culture when adopting job automation. To automate, you will need people to teach machines over a period of time before they become fully independent.

Job automation will create new jobs and also create a need for new skill sets. Rather than instantly disengage your employees over job automation, you should focus on helping them channel their creativity and energy into finding new opportunities. In this article, we will take a look at ways in which you can adopt job automation without spooking your employees or making them switch to panic mode.

Provide Training for Job Automationjob automation

While we agree that the disruptive technology is largely inevitable, you need to provide your staff with relevant training to help them adapt to the trend. Employees will be required to learn new skills to remain relevant and function more efficiently in their roles or other areas they might be moved to as the use of Artificial Intelligence kicks in.

It is usually said that people fear what they don’t know and there is no better way to demystify job automation for employees than getting them trained about it. This could also prepare some of them for other opportunities that lay ahead and they will eventually be thankful you prepared them for this eventuality.

Providing training about automation would also help your employees’ onboarding into the automation process in order to give their best to it and also understand that AI and humans can coexist especially at this early stage when the technology is yet to be super advanced in many developing nations of the world.

Provide Opportunities

Investing in your employees might also lead them to acquire the required skills in other areas where you would need some level of human capacity.

Educate Your Employeesjob automation

The more informed your employees are about job automation, the better for you. It is your responsibility to help your employees understand that there are two types of productivity when it comes to job automation and technological advancement. The first is when workers are totally replaced by technology. An example of this would be automated elevators replacing elevator operators. The second type is when human employees become more productive with the help of technology. An example of this would be social media managers using auto-posting to post on social media platforms that currently support this while they focus on other aspects of their work.

Job Automation Takes Care of Repetitive Tasks

According to a recent survey on job automation in the workplace, it was discovered that information workers were incredibly happy to find out that job automation has the potential to help them reduce the number of hours they spend on repetitive tasks.

The responsibility is yours to help your employees see that the introduction of job automation tools can show that you value individual contribution. Consider making them understand that you want to create more time for this by using job automation tools to help them free up more time for such contributions.

Steer Your Employees Towards Innovationjob automation

Do not make the mistake of asking your employees to dedicate a portion of their time away from tasks that are more engaging only to redirect that time to repetitive tasks. This is not a fun thing to do. Concentrate more on using job automation tools to eliminate the repetitive part of their work. You should then communicate to them that you want them to spend more of their time on becoming more innovative with their works and the ideas they share with their co-workers. This way, you will build a company where employees want to stay instead of constantly being worried and looking for a way out.

Final Thoughts on Job Automation

According to a study by Gartner, by 2020, Artificial Intelligence will eliminate a total of 1.8 million jobs worldwide but guess what? A total of 2.3 million jobs will be created around the same time and the number of jobs affected by Artificial Intelligence will vary by industry. What does this mean to you and your employees? You need to prepare them for job automation especially in areas where it increases their productivity and helps them acquire new skills to take up new roles.

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