5 Reasons You Need Job Alerts When Job-Hunting

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Aisha is employed but she has been searching for a new challenge. She logs into her completed profile account on Jobberman Nigeria to apply for available jobs that match her interest and experience. She does this three times a week; on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday nights. Doing this helps her stay active with her dream of having a job change.

Chidinma is a human resource manager but has been a job hunt for a couple of weeks. She has attended a couple of interviews but remains open to more offers. She uses ‘job alerts’ to stay up to date with the specific opportunities that interest her. She recently urged her friend, Thelma to start using job alerts. She tells Thelma that the ‘job alerts have made her job search more efficient than it was when she was not using it..

If you are still wondering what ‘job alerts’ are, don’t be worried – We’ll tell you. Job alerts are customised email notifications sent to you whenever specific jobs matching your interest and criteria are available on the Jobberman Nigeria website. There are different categories and functions you can select for the alerts on Jobberman.

Searching for a job can be hectic but ‘job alerts’ is a great way of staying informed when the opportunities that fit your interest, experience, skills and training are available. Job alerts make your job search rewarding.

Let us take a breezy look at some of the inherent benefits of using ‘job alerts as well as how they work. When set-up using the right requirements and specialisations that are in sync with your career options, they improve your job search experience as well as your career profile.

Benefits of Job Alertsjob alerts

  1. Alerts are customised to receive what you want and the opportunities that interest you
  2. Alerts help you stay updated with current jobs as they are posted
  3. Makes your job search more rewarding by increasing time efficiency in your job applications
  4. Alerts do the searching of specific opportunities for you
  5. Alerts send you notifications you when prospective recruiters are interested in you
  6. Job alerts ensure you don’t miss new opportunities when you are busy

Job alerts from Jobberman Nigeria are free, flexible, smart, convenient and customised to suit your needs. Recruitment professionals look through thousands of jobs daily. You don’t have to do the same. If you are looking to be the first in line to apply for jobs, create job alerts today and allows us to do the searching for you.

Log on now to set up your customised job alerts here and get notified when new jobs that match your needs are available.

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