What Career to Pick if You’re an Introvert

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best careers for introverts

Introverts commonly, but incorrectly, are labeled as those who don’t like people. Quite the contrary. Introverts can be shy or reticent, especially in public situations, but they tend to interact with others in a way that capitalizes on their energy.

It’s true, introverts enjoy being alone. That’s when they tend to do their best thinking according to Psychology Today. However, they can be great leaders; especially when working with self-starters. Introverts are good at calming tense or combative interactions because they don’t engage or antagonize a person with inflamed emotions. Cooler heads can prevail.




Given that introverts derive their energy from being alone, listen more than they speak, and tend not to speak up in group or public settings; determining which career paths most suit an introverted personality can be helpful.


What You Will Learn

This article will cover:

  • Various types of careers that are best suited for introverts
  • Suggestions within career fields that can would be attractive to introverts
  • Why self employment is a perfect fit for those who value time alone
  • The exact definition of an introvert


Career Fields Best Suited for Introverts

1. Writing

There are many avenues to pursue a career as a writer. You can work for yourself, as a freelance writer, or handle the copy production for a large company. Writing takes on many aspects from copywriters or persuasion for marketing and advertising to informational or instructional. Writers develop curriculum for educational programs. They create the content you interact with online and through social media. Writers are useful in a vast array of industries.

Today, writers can produce great content by themselves in a quiet apartment or as part of a team – exchanging ideas. Introverts can really control the amount of human contact they receive with a career producing the written word.

2. Computer Programming

This is career that requires a certain amount of creativity and innovation, but not a ton of superficial human contact. Programmers can also exists successfully on their own in a freelance or contract basis as well as a part of a team in a larger corporation especially in fields like Website Design, SEO, Software programming, etc. Much of programming while involved in team environments must be done individually.

Programming is such an objective career field, a solution either works or it doesn’t, that introverts can focus on the aspects of their career and steer clear of too much superfluous conversation if they like.

3. Science or Researcher

Careers in these fields requires a significant amount of time dedicated to dealing with objective, fact based analysis. These careers are heavily dependent on dealing with areas that can be measured and engaged in with less emotion. These aren’t positions where anyone will be left alone entirely. However, the interaction in large groups tends to be minimized which is something an introvert will likely appreciate.

best careers for introverts


4. Self-Employment

Introverts that are self-started and have a particular skill set that lends itself for self employment, contract, or freelance work can thrive in the solitude. Working for clients can require limited and focused contact. Those with skills such as graphics arts, editing, or even project management may find that hiring themselves out suits their interaction preferences while providing a comfortable income and more control over career choices.



While it’s challenging to list particular jobs that work well for different personality types because the job’s skill requirements are an important factor, developing the skills to advance in your career are essential regardless of your personality type. There are no perfect positions. Introverts and extroverts alike must find a way to adjust so they can thrive in their chosen career field.

Author: Dave Landry Jr. applies his passion for all things personal finance to helping clients save more of their hard earned money. He’s a personal finance manager, debt relief counselor, and blogger who writes about personal finance topics to help readers with money matters. Dave lives in Southern California with his wife of eight years and three wonderful children.

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  1. Quite interesting and well-researched. Please keep it up. I am looking forward to that on an extrovert. Also, articles on other personality types tilting towards temperaments will be highly appreciated. Thanks

  2. This really spoke to my heart! i am an introvert and don’t really like people. I thrive best in solitude when I can think and create. I recently quit my job working as a lawyer in a law firm and am trying to set up an editing business, The money hasnt started rolling in due to the slow economy, but I am really enjoying the solitary work and my ability to create and control my work schedule. This is definitely something I would love to be doing long term.
    Thank You!

    • Hello Ceejay,
      We’re really touched by your career decision and preferences. Not everyone is bold enough to make such life-changing decisions as quickly as you did. You have earned out thumbs up for this. We suggest that you stay persistent and thorough in your new line of work. We believe good things come to those who persist. Best of luck as you proceed.

  3. I’m an introvert and I find this article useful. I think it’s time I learned one of these skills. Thanks admin for posting this valuable resource.

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