3 Interview Preparation Tips You Should Adopt

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interview preparation

Your interview preparation strategy can be the difference between impressing your interviewer and getting your CV tossed into the trash right after the interview. A job interview is a conversation between a prospective employee and employer that helps the latter make a decision on hiring the interviewee or not.

Over the years, technology has enabled organisations to conduct less of face-to-face interviews. However, regardless of what type of interview you are attending, the rules are largely similar. Your ultimate goal should be to impress and convince the employer that you are the right person for the job. Here is a list of things you need to do to ace your next interview.

Do Your Researchinterview preparation

There are a couple of areas you need to research during your interview preparation process. These areas cover yourself, the position and the organisation. By researching yourself, you want to understand your skills and abilities, experience, past achievements and how they can help you better convince the employer that you are the right candidate.

For the position, it basically covers how your skills and experience fits into the role and how you can better be of value to the organisation when hired. Lastly, by researching the organisation, you want the learn why you want to work for the company, its history as well as establishing who the competitiors are. It also helps you unlock who the key individuals are, what the organisation is about and how you can add value through its mission and vision.

Prepare Your Story

Storytelling is an amazing technique for engaging better with your interviewers. Your story should have a beginning, middle and an end, which show the interviewer your results. Storytelling helps you provide better context. You should try as much as possible to be emotive and show context. The guiding principle here is to ensure relevance to the role, be genuine and keep it as simple as possible.

Practice Before Showtimeinterview preparation

It is okay to be confident in yourself but like the popular saying goes “practice makes for perfection”. Ensure you make out time before your interview session. You also need to be sure that the information you gathered about the role and the organisation is put in a format that is easier for you to digest and aligns with your story.

Practice how you can sell yourself. Think about every awkward and positive scenario question that might come up and ensure you have a story for it. Also, take a look at your profile again to be always clear about dates and other information stated. Never stop practising.

Final Thoughts on Interview Preparation

Your interview preparation is a great time to also decide on how to answer awkward questions about salary expectations and ensure you don’t give tensed responses. A good way to be well prepared for questions about remuneration is by using the Jobberman Salary Insights tool. This tool gives industry salary insights and what to expect if offers are made below industry standards. Interviews are always tense situations but you can be better served and make the best of them if you prepare.

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