Increased Productivity: Does Flextime Play Any Role?

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increased productivity

Can flexible work hours lead to increased productivity in any way? To answer your question without mincing words, yes it can as several studies have shown. There are days when you wake up and life’s issues lead to a dip in your motivation to go to work early. Some people have even confessed to not being the typical ‘morning person’ while others are purely indifferent.

Would you be open to taking your time and going to work much later than you currently do without necessarily spending lesser hours doing productive work? What this simply means is asking if you would rather work 7am-3pm or 10am-6pm instead of the conventional 9am-5pm. Let us examine how flexible working hours impacts your productivity in the workplace.

Increases Your Engagement

It is easier as an employee to achieve your set goals, obligations and expected deliverable at work when you are optimally engaged. Being an engaged employee leads to a higher level of job satisfaction, improved morale, motivation and commitment and reduced bouts of absence from work due to poor health or stress. This has a direct impact on your productivity as well as how you interact with your colleagues and external public.

Improves Your Well-Being

Flexible work schedules improve your well-being because it provides you with more opportunities for rest and engaging in other activities that improve your health. By extension, this leads to increased productivity as well as work-life balance. By working around a time-frame that is flexible, you tend to work more at your own pace whilst still remaining motivated and productive.

Increases Creativity and Innovation

When you are more engaged, rested and in a better state of wellness, your level of creativity and innovation takes a leap of improvement. This is one of the great benefits of flexible work hours and how it leads to increased productivity for you at work

Would you be interested in a company that has flexible work hours or would you rather just stick with your 9am-5pm?

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