4 Ways to Ensure You Always Hire the Right Person

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How to hire the best employees

Recruitment processes are often very lengthy and hectic. The worst part is after months of searching, dozens of interviews, and sifting through countless resumes, you still don’t get the qualified professional you’re looking for.

Hiring the right employees can make or break your business. Here are some tips on how to hire the best employees to guide your next recruitment decision –

1. Understand how the candidate’s aspiration fits with the job – As you create the job description for the role you’re hoping to fill, always have this question in mind, “How does your ideal candidate fit into your growth plan for your business?”.
It’s important to get a clear sense of both how you foresee the ideal candidate growing in the role that you’re hiring for, as well as an understanding of the career goals of your potential candidates.

2. Consider assessment strategies beyond the CV or face-to-face interview – The regular  face-to-face interview is becoming more and more obsolete, it really isn’t enough to get the right talent anymore. What can you do? Look beyond the CV and focus more on the skills. Making use of platforms like the Jobberman skill assessment will ensure you get the quality candidate you need; this assessment is a specially designed & unique test for all major job role categories.

3. Prioritize culture fit – What does your company stand for and will the individual align with the culture? This is a major thing to look out for before hiring anyone. During the interview process, ask questions that will highlight the aspects you are looking for in a candidate. It’s important to take a holistic approach to the hiring process and look for other qualifications, such as their values or interpersonal skills.

Ask questions like; What’s your dream job?, What does work-life balance mean to you? and What do you hope to achieve during your first six months here?

4. Ask them what they’re not good at – One person can’t be good at everything, ask an applicant what they know they’re not good at, and their answer will help you understand their professional expectations for themselves. It will also help you identify work ethic and personal goals.

It is important you always take these tips on how to hire the best employees into consideration during your next recruitment process. Hiring the best people isn’t rocket science.  You need to look beyond the CV and consider using tools like skills assessment to assess a candidate’s job ability.

Seyi King
Seyi King is an internet entrepreneur, author and digital marketing specialist. He is passionate about the internet, business, and how civilization develops. He has deep curiosity for nature and the unfolding role Africa will play in globalization.