6 Tips for Hiring Talent Remotely

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hiring talent remotely

Hiring the best talent remotely and ensuring your organisation’s recruitment strategy remains relevant to the environment in which it operates cannot be overemphasised. For instance, a Stanford University study on Shanghai’s-based organisation Ctrip, found that people who worked remotely were less likely to leave the company for another.  

The study recorded a 50% drop in resignations of employees who were allowed to work from home and a 13% improvement in performance from people working at home.

Given the changing face of work, technology, and the world as we know it, HR leaders are required to develop proven strategies for hiring the best talent remotely and ensuring business goals are met. As your productive recruitment partner, here are some tips to ensure your hiring needs are met when recruiting remotely.

  1. Conduct Virtual Interviews: Due to the several bans by the Nigerian government as well as health hazards associated with the current CODVID-19 pandemic, it is important to make the best use of technology,  digital tools and apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and even WhatsApp Videos for your interviews. This saves you from exposing yourself, members of your team and the candidate(s) to the risks associated with physical interactions during pandemics like the Coronavirus outbreak.
  2. Skills Assessment – The Jobberman Skills Assessment helps you discover candidates that possess the right skills to do the job. Our easy and cost-effective skills assessments ensure that when you post a job, you can test if your desired candidate (s) can actually do what they claim they can on their CV. These tests have been curated by experts and are excellent predictors of a candidate’s ability to perform the tasks required for the role, therefore helping you objectively pick the most capable candidates. Our assessment comes with several time-saving and cost-effective benefits. Jobberman Skills Assesments are role-specific and you can have one test for multiple candidates. It even allows you to select the desired experience level for the job. 
  3. Adopt AI-Powered Recruitment  – According to a Korn Ferry Global Survey, nearly two-thirds (63 per cent) of respondents say AI has changed the way recruiting is done in their organization, with 69 per cent saying using AI as a sourcing tool garners higher-quality candidates. The use of Automation and AI-powered recruitment solutions would help you in sourcing, profiling, assessing and shortlisting the ‘Best Match’ candidates in our employment centre. 
  4. Probation: Include in your strategy to have a short probation period for your employee after hiring to assess and review the performance of candidate(s). This would involve having a clearly spelt out list of deliverables designed to measure performance.
  5. Large Talent PoolJobberman’s Large talent pool of over 2 million candidates would ensure you have direct access to qualified talent.
  6. Wide Social Media Reach – Our wide reach as the largest followed recruitment platform across all social media channels would ensure you can access qualified candidates on special requests as your jobs would be posted there.

We understand that your organisation is strategising to reach company goals during these difficult times while not putting you, your employees in harms ways. The long-talked-about future of work is here and now is the time to strategise and win through the current pandemic with hiring talent remotely. We are here to help optimise your hiring process and help you find the best talent, start recruiting today.

Princewill Akuma
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