Ways to Save Money Hiring Qualified Candidates

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hiring qualified candidates

Hiring qualified candidates in record time will save you and your organisation a lot of stress. At a time when the Nigerian recruitment industry is experiencing an increased level of employee turnover and job-hopping, you need to be more deliberate in ensuring that your recruitment processes are less cumbersome. What this does is that it helps you improve the quality of the candidates you eventually hire. 

According to the ‘2018 Best 100 Companies Report’ and ‘The Millennial Productivity Report’, employees have become more willing to change jobs. While you can improve your processes, work culture, employee experience, benefits, and other packages to ensure you achieve better employee churn out rates, the fact that employees can leave your organisation is inevitable. You should, however, have a process that deals with this when and if it happens.

So, whether you are hiring for a role that is available due to employee exiting your organisation or moving up in ranks, here are some of the proven ways on how you can save money hiring qualified candidates.

Some Processes Are Slowing You Down

Consider removing some of these processes, especially things that might be integral to your recruitment structure. Some of the things currently slowing you down can include:

For example:

  • Conducting time-consuming interviews.
  • Ineffective platforms that your jobs are advertised on.
  • Time spent waiting for candidates to apply.
  • Lengthy screening processes of qualified candidates.

Did you know that a job application is made every 92 seconds on Jobberman? This puts Jobberman in close range to the globally competitive application rate per job advertised. This ensures your jobs receive well-profiled candidates; both those previously existing and the thousands that register on the Jobberman platform weekly.

Make Your Hiring Process Productivehiring qualified candidates

Jobberman ensures that your recruitment process is productive and well-coordinated. Our application tracking system can help you easily screen job applicant profiles for the right candidates that would fit your organisation’s culture.

We also have professional recruiters who have a thorough understanding of the qualities that candidates that can be considered the ‘right fit’ are expected to have. Based on your company culture and the particular demands for the role, these professionals will conduct interviews on your behalf. Afterwards, a shortlist of the top-ranking candidates will be sent to you.

You can request a call from Jobberman’s recruitment professionals today for tailor-made and reliable recruitment solutions, get the best and brightest talents for your next job ad.


Valentine Odoh, Operations Manager at e-Insurance Solutions Centre Limited said, “We have been using Jobberman for 4 years and counting. In the early days, we decided to use alternate free job listing sites, but we were not satisfied with the quality of candidates we got and the capabilities of the platform in making our recruitment process easier.

So, we had to return to Jobberman. Although, we have had issues with the platform (which is expected) but the moment we contacted them, the issue was quickly attended to. In all, it has been a very rewarding experience with Jobberman.”

“Using Jobberman Nigeria for our recruitment needs has been one of the best business decisions I have made. With the ‘Basic job listing’ package, I had access to quality candidates from day 1 and was able to hire competent and quality persons.” – Segun Onagoruwa-MD/CEO, Free cash Solution & Investment Company Limited

“Although we’ve not concluded the recruitment process, the quality of candidates gotten so far has been superb. Using the ‘Basic job listing’ service has given us access to candidates who have proven to be good fits and we’ll be going on to the next stage of interviews with them.” Mrs. Magaret Baale, Managing Director, John Pearl Consulting Limited (Subsidiary of Howes Limited)

“We enjoy using the Basic listing service due to features like the easy dashboard view to preview CVs. Also, the additional basic HR function of sorting and selecting CVs is a plus. Above all, the platform is very user-friendly.” Itua Okhihie, Business Operation and Strategy Manager

“Advertising our jobs using Jobberman has been a rewarding experience…”Fredrick Oligbo, Human Resources Officer, Farmcity.

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