Ghana Teacher Gets Full UNICAF Scholarship

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Remember the moving story of the creative teacher in Ghana, who in the absence of a computer lab, taught his pupils ICT by drawing a computer screen on the classroom blackboard, went viral on the Internet, capturing the hearts of thousands online and offline.

Richard Appiah Akoto, a teacher at the Sekyedumase NA Junior High School in the Ashanti region of Ghana, has exhibited a passion for teaching and immense creativity by taking the initiative to provide this vital knowledge to his students, even with the simple means available to him at the time.

The success of the video showing Richard teaching ICT in front of the blackboard led multinational corporations to donate the necessary technical equipment to establish an ICT lab at his school. 

UNICAF went one step further, offering the visionary teacher a full scholarship to pursue a Master’s in Education with Unicaf University, and a free tablet to facilitate online studying at all times. At UNICAF we believe that through quality education we can make our world a better place, and because we value and reward innovation, creativity and the pursuit of knowledge.


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Omolara Savage