Facebook Live: Why You Are Not Getting a Job

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There could be so many reasons why you are not getting a job. You need to understand that the process of hunting for a job has moved away from just applying for a job and expecting to get hired. In today’s clime and technologically powered age, you need to put a conscious effort into positioning yourself, your skills and your personal brand to be identified even before the HR manager or organisation starts recruiting.

HR managers and organisations are looking for smart ways to recruit that makes the hiring process less cumbersome for them. Such ways include using ATS software and hiring by contacting candidates with a complete profile and professional brand. The simple truth is that every job seeker needs to understand these dynamics to stay ahead.

Can you imagine what your chances would be at an organisation by proferring a solution challenged the sales team has battled with for months? If your proferred solution comes across as a brilliant idea to the organisation, wouldn’t the company be eager to hire you or better still, even recommend you for future opportunities?

Are you applying for jobs on Jobberman or other job search channels available to you (traditional or modern) or do you feel the reason you haven’t been hired is that you lack a godfather to help find a job?

If you answered yes to the question above, the good news is that a job search should be considered a job in itself and the way forward is to find the right opportunities, the right skills, an updated job search profile and more more to find a job. Whether you are a fresh graduate or looking for a change of jobs or career, this month’s Facebook Live look at several reasons you are not getting a job. It is loaded with nuggets you will find useful in your job search.

In this Facebook Live, community marketing specialist, Princewill Akuma shares insights that can help you go from a job seeker to an individual with so many opportunities to choose from. Interested to learn more, click and watch the session below.

Watch Why You Are Not Getting a Job Facebook Live

Why you are not getting a job.

Why you are not getting a job.

Posted by Jobberman Nigeria on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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