How To Get A Job Without Experience

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The ‘tension headache’ of  most graduates is getting a job. It becomes a ‘migraine headache’ when all the jobs you see require certain years of experience. You actually need to work to get the experience.  How do you get a job without experience or how do you get the experience without a job? Hummmm…

Let us go through these points together.

  • Know your professional skills
  • Know what makes you different from the other person, what you like doing and what you do not like doing. Know the skills you possess which must have been reflected in your academic or extracurricular activities. They could be marketing, negotiating or leadership skills. If there is need to develop them, this is an opportunity to do that.
  • Your personality is equally important .

Knowing how to relate to/with others and getting them to like you, are very valuable to some employers such as those in marketing and sales. A number of vacancies on our website have in their requirements interpersonal or customer relations skills. Take your time to go through vacancies and see what skills and professional courses employers want.  Fit into the picture. Invest in personal development.  On the other hand, some of us are not meant to be job seekers, we are meant to be entrepreneurs. Not everyone can work in a corporate environment. Why not put to work those vocational skills like tailoring, baking e.t.c that you possess.

  • Reflect your skills in your resume in a way that enhances them – not diminishes them

You have acquired a number of excellent skills. It is important you package them well in your CV. The content might be superb and the packaging not attractive.  Make your content and packaging catchy. Put you skills, activities and achievements in an attractive way in your CV. We can help you with that. Click here

  • Acquire experience through internship programmes and volunteer activities

Most graduates see their first few years in the labour market as the money making period. Such, they think of the salary rather than the experience. This is a faulty perception. See your first few years as the time to gain experience and improve on your skills. Take up voluntary jobs and internship programmes paid or not. These would help you sharpen your skills . While doing this, you realize that the labour market is different from the school environment. You need to brace up to survive in the highly competitive environment.

  • Create work samples

When you claim to have knowledge in a field, create samples of your work. For example, you can do graphic or web designs and you do not have a sample of your work. That does not speak of seriousness in you. Let the samples reflect current trends.

  • Network informally with those in a position to hire you

In this day and age, it is easy to network informally with those in a position to hire you. Talk with them about your interests and goals. They could be your family members or friends .Seek their advice. Social networks are also good platforms to share your ideas and create networks. Join quality jobs website like

Finally, be humble to learn from anybody.Do not limit yourself. Employers want professionals in and outside their fields to help their team think more creatively about solutions.

Share your views/questions with me in the comment section and be sure to get it answered. Do have a great day.



Nathan Jeffery


  1. Thanks jobberman for your goodwork, you actually breakdown the hurdles of CV writing. Am a fresh gradute of computer science,I hv an interview with one insurance firm in lagos tomorrow but presently am writing a professional exam on Project managemt in the eastern part of nigeria. Pls I need your advice becuse I want a certification outside my field of study. Thanks

    • Hi Faith,
      Congratulations on your invitation to an interview.Speaking of which, You should put a call through to the HR of the firm and kindly request a reschedule briefly but clearly stating your reasons and ensure you get feedback as soon as possible; best before the interview. Goodluck with your exam too. Cheers.

  2. Nice article. I’m a fresh graduate (BSc quantity surveying). Just have little experience in the construction industry from industrial training and par-time jobs. I’m actually serving now. I’ve been job hunting for a year now just to boost my experience in my field esp. volunteer jobs as a quantity surveyor but yet nothing positive. Tried figuring out the problem but didn’t discover any. Been following jobberman’s advices , re-arranged my CV and application letter too but still nothing positive

  3. I am a chemical engineer (engineer degree process engineering) +Magister degree(process engineering)
    currenctly doing Msc Drilling and well engineering with The Robert Gordon Univeristy

    I am looking for an unpaid job anywere around the world in an oil and gas insutry (drilling and operations).

  4. you mentioned something about internship jobs or volunteer jobs I am a graduate of business Administration and am done wit NYSC since 2013.hw can i get one,i mean is there any website to go to.thanks in anticipation

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