Why Footballers Earn More Than You Do

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When I was little, I used to wrap around my dad while we watched the Premier League. Though deep down I was not interested in the game, I watched his enthusiasm and how he would shout orders from his seat (he should have been a football coach) and gradually I began to develop interest in the red and white adorned team, which made me an ‘enemy’ to my ‘Blues’ brother. But it wasn’t until years later that I sat down to analyse the game and learnt great invaluable lessons.

Football is, indeed, a very tactical game and the players are on the top chart of earners in the world. This is because unlike some professions, they need to be on top of the game or risk being benched (which may also mean end of career); plus it sells! Every fan wants to make a bet on who will be FIFA world cup player of the year or part with their treasure chest to watch Lionel Messi score a hat-trick.

But what exactly does Messi possess to make him a top earner ? Why do footballers get paid more than you? Here are 5 features they possess and which we too must adopt to make a success of our careers:

1. Vision
Before a player receives a ball, he has calculated his options. His eyes scan the environment, locate where his teammates are, who is in the most strategic position, and he decides how to move. A well-planned action leads the ball home. How foresighted are you in your career move or are you the type that goes with the wind? If you lack vision, your career will end up outside the goal post or you might just end up on the bench while others go on to get their dreams fulfilled (sure you do not want that). Be a vision-filled career person today.

2. Adaptability
The scenarios on the football pitch are never the same; that is why footballers must learn to adapt to changing circumstances. The world is dynamic. So is the industry you work. If you remain in one position, the game will leave you behind. So, stop complaining above the emergence of new things. Read more, learn more and be flexible to use varying situations to your greatest advantage.

3. Originality
An uncreative mind cannot succeed in the game of football. Players invent new ways of attacking and bypassing opponents. They do not have to wait for the coach’s instruction before they utilise opportunities. Are you inventive or do you wait for someone else to create ideas for you?

4. Mental strength
Sometimes, the odds may be against you. This may be when your boss complains of your work or when your company is experiencing a downturn in profits. Never give up or let go. Do you notice how, in football, the game never ends until the whistle is blown? This is because anything can happen at any time. You need great mental health to be able to overcome psychological difficulties in your career.

5. Fitness
Now, this encompasses all aspects (mental, psychological, physical etc), but my emphasis is on the physical. Of course, you would be irritated watching slow, out-of-shape players waste your time. Each morning, players must observe rigorous workouts because only the fit can survive the battle on the field. Exercise has been proven overtime to contribute to career development. How? Exercise oxygenates your brain, reduces tiredness and increases energy, makes you productive, keeps mind, soul and body in balance (need I continue?), which also increases your chances of getting a job. Three workouts a week will perform great miracles in your career life.

Do you want to increase your earnings? Start working out your plan today. Thanks for making me your coach and be a coach to others by sharing more lessons.


Lola Olakeye