How to Create The Right First Impression.

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We all yearn to create lasting impressions, good ones at that. An extra confidence sweeps you when a stranger remembers your name for something you did or said.

Picture yourself standing before a large audience, you have the perfect speech but you dread the thought of boring your audience vaguely reeling off several points they find irrelevant. Now that’s overwhelming, not so?
You think of ways to get it right because you want people to love you even before you part your lips to say anything.
If you can conveniently do that then take it as the power of the first impression, when you wield it right, you can sweep people off their feet and have them excited to see you over and over again.

But how do you get that lucky charm?

These few simple rules will help you create the right impression from the minute you walk into a room.

Shut up more often, Listen more often.
The first rule of any conversation is to Never Make it Only About You. If you need to talk about yourself through several minutes without any interruptions, get a recorder; but with a human, you should seal your lips if your words won’t make the other person feel good with himself. That should be your goal, to make it more about the other person and less about you.

Watch how you dress, it’s mostly about the look.
You really don’t need to be told this but take it to the bank – you’d be addressed how you dress.
You don’t need a fashion/style  expert to help you sport on the right outfit. The key is to always ALWAYS slip into something comfortable that suits the environment you’ll find yourself. You don’t want to walk into a room feeling out of place.
When in doubt, blend in with your audience – say it’s a formal environment, put on something professional, perhaps tailored to suit your style to add a personal touch; your level of comfort influences your body language. Make a positive statement with your dressing.

A  carefully selected attire shows your partner that you respect your business and your customers. If you look successful and confident, respectively, you’ll exude confidence in your  professional  abilities.

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Don’t overlook the small talk.
Those seemingly feeble exchange of pleasantries, light conversations you have with people you meet for the first time form impressions in their minds. Be careful with jokes, don’t assume everybody has a good sense of humour. And remember, it is not about you. Spend that time to ask  for more information about the other person, people love to talk about themselves and their accomplishments, so use this desire  to your advantage.
Do not just listen but also contribute with relevant statement, digress a little but ensure to keep the person’s attention fixed to you and make sure the person enjoys the conversation. If it helps, assume yourself carrying on a conversation with a friend.

Watch for your body language
Apart from your clothing, people form their impression of you by observing your body language. If you are slouching, too relaxed or “closed”, you unknowingly express disinterest in the person you have an appointment with. On the other hand, an upright posture and tight shoulders indicate that you are interested in the person you are talking to, that you are enthusiastic about the appointment and you are ready to do business with them. Show other people that you are completely focused on everything they have to say to you.

On first physical contact, ensure to;
Look straight in the other person’s eyes,
Your handshake must be warm and energetic,
Introduce yourself by saying your name slowly and clearly enough,
Remember  and repeat the other person’s name during your talk,

This is how you introduce yourself to the other person and let them perceive you as a positive and confident person. Demonstrate that the appointment is important to you, and do not forget to thank him/her for the opportunity to talk to them.

The golden rule
It could seem really tough trying to impress someone you are just meeting for the first time but the essence of your interaction with potential business partners and employers or spouse should be felt. Be yourself. There’s no need to put up an act and it makes it easier to get in people’s good books.

Author Bio: Morgan Johnes is passionate freelancer blogger and writer. He runs a small company Shiny tenancy cleaner and he is tight connected with the business niches. In his spare time he loves to take long walks.

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  3. I’m a fresh graduate of linguistics with little or no job experience. How do I go about seeking suitable jobs? Someone should help please! I’m stalk. I need help.

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