Seven steps to boost employee morale in the workplace

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A company can only be successful and able to survive in the long run only if its employees are happy and persistent. Ill behaviour, tardiness and slow work performance would result in business collapse hence must be dealt with right from the beginning. Such behaviour is often due to lack of motivation and appreciation for all the hard work.

Managers and business owners should realise the fact that employees are the lifeblood of an organisation without which operations would eventually cease. Motivation is thus crucial and factors include monetary rewards, verbal and written acknowledgement, increasing responsibility after positive appraisal and assistance in career goals.

Free flow of communication

It’s better to ask employees about their ultimate goal. Allow them to define their motives and be an active listener all through. Some have high regard towards monetary benefit while others would go for time relaxation per convenience; a manager should at-least listen and provide a plausible solution that’s beneficial for employees, employers and company as a whole. The reason to feel motivated differs so one should deal with it accordingly!

A clear-cut action plan

After the initial discussion with co-workers, devise a strategic plan with all the possibilities; each should be directed towards achieving organisational goals without compromising employee morale. If goals are clearly defined from day first, less grievances and other issues would rise as workers would know their limitations as well as what the company expect from them.

Lead by example

There’s always a black sheep in the herd and no matter what you do, it’s less to satisfy them. All you can do is lead by example, follow strong work ethics, show quality and dedication in your work for it’ll definitely tend to motivate others; at-least those who’re honest with their work. A good leader understands that “action speaks louder than words” and so, inject motivation through your activities instead.

Identify the element of inspiration

What really motivates your employees? A good manager, entrepreneur or leader is always aware of this and thus tackle individual workers accordingly. With workplace environment getting more diverse than ever, it can be challenging as different employees have different “morale boosting” factors. Higher management should be trained first to deal with diverse workforce efficiently before taking any decision or defining ethics.

Be encouraging

There’re managers who eventually pinpoints a worker for mistakes and wrong doings but fails to appreciate hard work and positive outcomes. If you as a manager practices this, it’s unlikely you’ll retain productive workforce on the long run hence give appropriate amount of encouragement to the team members who truly deserves this. Encouragement can be a simple compliment, a written email or monetary reward, extra holidays or bestow a higher position keeping track of previous record.

Deploy tasks

Distributing tasks shows that you’ve faith in your team and appreciate their productiveness. Delegating responsibilities infuse confidence in workers as it depicts they’re doing well and are competitive. But before you assign task to someone, define the objective and give them free ownership. Expect mistakes as no one hits the bulls-eye in first throw! Increasing responsibilities will as well as rewards is the best source of motivation.

On-the-job training sessions

New technologies arrive every other day so it’s very important to keep employees updated with the latest trends and hands-on practices to ensure company’s success. Arrange weekly, monthly or least, semi-annually training sessions to update workers on the current trends having a direct impact on their job.


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