Jobs in Nigeria: Fola Daniel Adelesi Talks About Employability & Positioning for Jobs

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Perturbed by the rising level of unemployment in Nigeria especially as it borders on the issue of employability, Fola Daniel Adelesi, the President/CEO, Edible Pen who doubles as an author recently decided to shed some light on the failure of Nigerian graduates to get jobs several years after graduation, the attendant problems therein and a road map on the way forward.

Jobs and Employability - Fola Daniel Adelesi - Jobberman
Below are two videos where Adelesi spoke in detail on the issues below and much more:

  • There is a big difference between having a degree and being employable
  • How to lose a job even before showing up for the interview
  • Why graduates are not getting jobs
  • Delivering results at the place of work
  • Irrelevant degrees
  • The garbage in and garbage out nature of education in Nigeria today
  • The need to have a great CV
  • The importance of a cover letter

View the videos below:
Employability & Positioning for Jobs (Part 1)

Employability & Positioning for Jobs (Part 2)



In this lecture, Adelesi was able to proffer solutions to the barrage of problems presently plaguing Nigerian graduate in the existing job market with particular attention to:

The difference between being a graduate and having the skills required to secure a job

How job applicants lose jobs before attending interview

Nigerian graduates and the issue of unavailability of jobs

How to ensure an applicant bring delivers value

Applicants owning degrees that hold no value in the job market

The decay in the Nigerian education sector

The advantages of having a well written CV

The crucial role of a cover letter when seeking for a job


Fola Daniel Adelesi is the President/CEO, Edible Pen. He is also a Public Speaker & Trainer | Author | Management Consultant | Master of Ceremony

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