Smart Ways of Embracing Workplace Technology

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Embracing workplace technology can be a daunting task; especially with the fear of automation and robots taking over existing jobs. Recruitment experts have, pointed out that rather than forcing your employees out of their jobs, workplace technology will automate tasks, help employees work more efficiently and generally increase productivity.

Managing this change is more important than dreading or avoiding it from happening. The following are a few ways to help your employees in embracing workplace technology and the advancements that come with it.

Address The Fears

If your organisation plans on embracing workplace technology, it is highly important to learn and address all the fears that your employees might have. In cases where technology would be taking over redundant tasks, it is important to speak to your employees to find out what these fears are and address them by communicating effectively. Does the introduction of new technology mean your employees would be sacked or do they have to be re-trained to handle tasks that cannot be automated?

During the stage of addressing fears of your employees, you should strive to pay a lot of attention to the positives because this will lead to a more committed workforce and ensure that human errors are also cut down.

Provide Trainingembracing workplace technology

Training would be required for understanding the process of embracing workplace technology because there will always be technological advancements. It’s important to carry your employees along in how to make technology work for them. The more they include it in their workflow and daily process, the more productive and efficient they will become.

Also, proper training would ensure employees understand the limits of the new technology and how it improves general team performance. Training might be needed in other cases where your employees might need to be on-boarded to new teams or tasks.

Share Wins and Improvements

A way to motivate your workforce on embracing workplace technology is to share positive wins and new improvements based on their adoption of the said technology. This would help them understand it is here to help them achieve better and optimise reaching their goals, which will impact positively on KPIs.

Beta-Testingembracing workplace technology

Find positive-minded beta-testers from all teams who can first use the new technology and help share its possible impact on the team. This would be a good way to announce the new technology to everyone in the organisation.

Beta-testing offers you an avenue to get feedback before an almost error-proof final introduction to all your employees.

Final Thoughts on Embracing Workplace Technology

Business Owners, HR Managers, other managers and team leads need to understand that while the benefits of a new technology can be great, implementing new workplace technology needs to come with strategic planning. This ensures that you continue to have a motivated workforce loaded with employees who are motivated. This will improve your employee churn rate with the goal to increase workplace productivity instead of leading to a chaotic situation were human errors hamper the successful onboarding of a new technology that could lead to greater success and wins for you, your employees and your organisation.

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