Embarrassing Interview Stories

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These embarrassing interview stories will give you a better understanding of things you should not do at job interviews as they could ruin your chances of landing the job.

If you believe you had some of the worst interview experiences out there, then you should take a look at the embarrassing interview situations some candidates encountered while job hunting.

The Interviewer Tore My Application Letterembarrassing-interview-stories

Jide says, on embarrassing interview stories “I had written in my application letter that I will be willing to learn, unlearn and relearn to fit into the organisation and deliver to achieve its goals. My interviewer asked me what I meant and while I was preparing to answer the question, he tore the letter of application in my presence. I got that job though and years later; while addressing workers he used the same line and I laughed out loud.

I Wore a Bright Coloured Outfit to an Interviewembarrassing-interview-stories

Precious on embarrassing interview stories says, “I was excited about this day because I had been invited to a job interview. left home in the wee hours of the morning so that I could get to the venue of the interview early. In my excitement, I had worn a bright coloured outfit for the interview. My outfit was so bright and it happened to be a really sunny day. During the interview, the interviewer mentioned how embarrassed she was by my outfit. She even went as far as asking me if this was how I intend walking around the office; blinding their eyes with excessively bright outfits. I was furious and I left at the end of the interview. I was furious and embarrassed and only days later; while doing some online research, I found out I was wrong. It made me even more ashamed of myself but it was a great learning curve for me.

I Didn’t Read the Instructionsembarrassing-interview-stories

Odunayo shares his experience – “I arrived at the interview and when it was my turn, the panel of 3 handed me a paper, which itemised 10 things I needed do in 2 mins. This list included weird things like asking me to bark like a dog, stand up and do a spin. By the time I arrived at the 10th item, it said I didn’t need to do the above 9 things listed. It was at that point that I realised that the paper that was handed to me had clear instructions, which asked me to read the questions before answering. I got laughed at and it is even funnier thinking about it now.”

I Got Dressed For a Skype Call Thinking It Was a Skype Video Callembarrassing-interview-stories

Uzoma has an embarrassing interview story to share. “I was expecting a Skype interview and while preparing I was super dressed and ready with my laptop and internet connection. I was all set for the session. When it was time for the interview, I kept initiating a video call but my interviewer kept rejecting the calls. She finally called and told me that the email read ‘Skype call’ and not ‘Skype video call.’. It was quite embarrassing for me. I eventually landed the job but I felt embarrassed getting all that ready to be told that.”

I Wore My Shirt Inside-Out to an Interviewembarrassing-interview-stories

Yusuf’s ordeal was one he wished had never happened. “Lagos traffic is not a joke. In the event of my rushing out after waking up late for an interview, I wore my shirt backwards and never realised this until the lady interviewing me pointed it out. Apparently, she was distracted by it the whole time I had sat in front of her answering interview question.

I Had a Flu and Had a Job Interview to Attendembarrassing-interview-stories

Vicki on embarrassing interview stories says, “I had flu, a fever and catarrh but I was already feeling well. Midway through the interview, I sneezed and to my horror, mucus from my catarrh splashed out. It was gross and I was screaming at myself in my head. The all-male panel of interviewers asked me to go and use the ladies and be back after a few minutes. I guess it was my lucky day because I eventually landed the job after several interviews.

Do you have any interesting embarrassing interview experience to share with us, we’ll like to hear them. Share in the comment section and tell us what you learned from it.

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  1. Hilarious stories, I especially liked the “I Didn’t Read the Instructions” one – must be such an emberassment! I actually did not have that much interview is my life to share my experience. Though the last time I had a job interview, it was pretty funny – I decided not to go over my head so I was wearing shorts and t-shirt and I was answering honestly that I have no idea how to do the job they were offering me to do. We all laughed a lot and I Ieft pretty sure I won’t get this job. And the next day I get a call “You are hired, see you Monday”. So I guess when you don’t care that much about getting the certain job, tell the truth and stop trying that hard – there are more chances of getting it 🙂

  2. i also didn’t read my instruction which was “read all questions before starting” after showing my mathematical prowess in question 1 – 9 only for question 10 to be “don’t answer any of the questions above”

  3. All the experiences are worth learning from.
    I had a similar one to that having flu and catarrh, in so much that l was sneezing frequently in the course of the interview.
    Though l performed well, after some months, l got the job at last .
    To God be the Glory!!!

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