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Digital Facts Book - Jobberman

How the Digital Facts Book Can Impact Your Career

DigitXplus, a specialist digital marketing agency, has released the second edition of its yearly publication; the Digital Facts Book, an industry accepted journal with credible information on digital platforms as a medium of information and facts for West and Central Africa.

The Digital Facts Book forms a good reference point on latest statistics and vital information about digital mediums with an in-depth understanding of key platforms like the web, social media and much more.

Digital Facts Book - Jobberman

Besides Nigeria and Ghana, the 2nd edition covers Cameroon, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, Togo, The Gambia, Democratic Republic of Ghana, Mali, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, amongst others.

Another interesting thing about the Digital Facts Book is that it drives home the fact that reading does to the mind what exercise does to the body. Even more exciting is how it acknowledges the support of the CIA, Apurimac Media (Yahoo), Media Planning Service (MPS), Emarketer, Google and Euromonitor International for the project.

How often do you read and what do you read? Are you one of those individuals whose reading habits revolve around Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram updates?

If this is the case, we believe you can do much better.

Reading has a significant number of benefits. Some of them include:

  • Stress Reduction: Whether you have a job or currently searching for one, reading is a good way to draw out tension; thus, allowing you to relax. The workplace can get stressful with tight deadlines and requests from your boss. Reading grants you relief from work-related stress.
  • Rich Vocabulary: There is a form of confidence that comes with being able to express any idea or feeling you experience. The simple truth is that the more you read, the more words you are exposed to and the stronger your power of expression becomes. Being eloquent and articulate aids career growth, regardless of the profession.
  • Subtle Training: By reading about the experiences of professionals, case studies, their experiences and how they overcame their challenges, you gain priceless insight into their area of specialisation.
  • Strengthening the Brain: Reading helps stimulate the brain with positive activity.
  • Entertainment: Casual reading offers a level of entertainment. The secret to this is reading finding something you will enjoy reading. Some people enjoy motivational books while others have a soft spot for narrative fiction.
  • You Write better: Reading exposes you to the writing styles of others. COnsequently, the more you read, the more writing styles you come across and the more things you learn and absorb. If you are fortunate enough to belong to a career circle that sees you writing for a living, reading the works of others impacts positively on your fluidity and cadence as a writer.
  • Heightened Level of Concentration: Reading helps increase your ability to focus and concentrate. The internet has hurt the ability of many to focus much more than they would ever readily admit. Are you one of those who wants to get something done but end up checking your updates on BBM, WhatsApp and Facebook. Reading, on the other hand, helps you focus on the task of reading. As a test, try Try reading for 20 minutes on your way to work (especially if you don’t drive) and you will be surprised at how much more focused you are at work. For example, a story about how an orphan born on the streets of Lagos rose to become a director in a multinational organisation at the age of 22 will throw up quite a few experiences.
  • Better Memory: By reading, your memory gets a good workout because to understand the story, you are compelled to remember an assortment of characters, plots, character progression and moments in the lives of different chapters. For works of fiction, this is more pronounced.
  • Forget Your Troubles: When you read books that really grip your interest, you find the lines helping you take your mind off your troubles and worries.
  • Opens Up Your Mind: Reading opens up your mind to people and places that you never knew existed. In addition, it offers you great insight into a plethora of cultures across the globe. Reading helps you try out things that you ordinarily would not have attempted doing.

Digital Fact Book - Jobberman (DigitXplus)

In essence, reading remains the greatest source of information available. It also offers a distinct advantage in life to those who read.

The key to a successful life is information as you realise that answers to many problems have been provided in a book somewhere.

There are so many things we do not know but someone somewhere has answers to different questions and challenges we encounter from time to time.

For instance, did you know that Nigeria leads in West & Central Africa with 63m internet users ranking No. 9 in the world? Yes! Nigeria commands a reach of 40% and most of the access to the internet in the region is through mobile devices.

Facebook in the West and Central Africa is almost 50m monthly active users. These numbers speak to the size and strength of Digital mediums, which continues to grow year on year.

Digital Fact Book - Jobberman (DigitXplus)

The CEO, digtiXplus, Patrick Gomes, explained that the company continuously strives to bring information about the African region to the fore.

“We now present the second edition of Digital Facts Book with an objective to organise information on digital medium in West & Central Africa, thus making it easily accessible and useful to all,” he explained.

Some of the interesting questions answered in the Digital Facts Book include:

  • What is the number of internet users worldwide?
  • Which 15 countries have the highest internet users worldwide?
  • What is the population of Nigeria, Ghana, The Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra leone, Liberia, Mali, Senegal, Togo, Benin, Cameroun, Cote D’Ivoire and Burkina Faso?
  • What percentage of internet users use it at work?
  • Is How to write a CV one of the most searched keywords in Africa?

The best part is that digtiXplus has made a free copy of the Digital Facts Book available for all.

Not read it? Download free copy

Tell us, what was the book you read? Did you enjoy it?

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