Job Hunting in the Digital Age

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Reposition Your Career With Internet Tools

The digital world has allowed businesses and companies to reach clients and consumers internationally, more employers are looking for employees that are familiar with working in the global market. Every industry from marketing to education is turning their outreach global through the internet. Even business students are looking to earn their advanced degrees in international MBA programs to have a more global perspective of industries. Those new to job hunting now have a broader range of employers to seek out and can use today’s digital tools to help them advance in their careers. From using LinkedIn or other digital resume platforms to using social media to communicate with potential employers, using the digital landscape for opportunities to advance your career is easier than ever.


If you’re looking for a job or trying to gain new opportunities to change your career then you need to be on LinkedIn. It is quite possibly one of the most vital tools for the job searching and is a great way to learn more about executives and companies that you hope to interview with. LinkedIn itself is always evolving to connect job seekers with potential employers such as their new “Job Seeker” subscription feature that lists job listings were applicants would be considered top choices for the position. LinkedIn analyzes your job skills and experiences to give you a curated list of open positions which you would be considered a top candidate. LinkedIn also continues to be one of the top platforms to use as a digital resume that you can link to other job networking sites or send to employers for reference.


The Digital Age has created an environment that allows for job seekers to reach companies all over the world. Sometimes getting a chance at your dream job might just mean sending a Tweet to someone or responding to a photo on while surfing Instagram. There is no doubt that social networking has changed the way we have communicated and in essence changed how the job market participates on the internet. It has created a “world of connections” and has made it easier for industries to work with one another globally. Here are some other ways to participate in the job hunt in the Digital Age:






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