3 Ways to Manage Your Difficult Boss

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difficult boss

Under ideal situations, a difficult boss should not be a big deal in the workplace but more times than not, they exist and create tons of problems for employees like you.

Humans are dynamic beings and as such, there’s usually no such thing as the perfect situation in the workplace. Most times, such situations are at best, managed. If you find yourself reporting to a one, it can be quite an unpleasant experience.

Most employees end up planning their exit from organisations that are plagued with a difficult boss or two. However, if you are not ready to quit your job, managing your difficult boss might be the only realistic route to go. Below are 3 ways to manage a difficult boss.

Communication is Key

If you find yourself working with a difficult boss, pace yourself to be big on communication and use official channels like email as this helps you document requests and tasks from your boss. Re-check with him/her on their requests, confirm everything to ensure you are on the same page with them and avoid misunderstandings as much as you can.

Under the radar of communication, seek to hear them out on their demands and strive to understand the motive behind their requests and preferences. In cases where you have requests or ideas, you need to communicate your thoughts effectively.

Take Ownership

Difficult bosses usually have a filled day when you don’t take ownership of your role and tasks at work. To resolve this, you need to understand and find out specifically what you are expected to do and get well on with them. This would give you minimal clashes with your difficult boss.

Don’t Get Emotional

In the words of Drake, “Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.” Avoid taking up issues with your difficult boss – Such a move is a fight you might never win. In a situation where you even win, it might not be worth the trouble you would have to put yourself through to achieve such a victory. Focus on what needs to be done or achieved. Never let your emotions get in the way of your professionalism.

Conclusion on Dealing With a Difficult Boss

In the course of your career, you are likely to encounter the great, good, bad and ugly boss. Managing relationships is key but ensure you do not a difficult boss just because you suffered the misfortune of working with them over a period of time.

By striving to become the change you desire, you will go a long way helping others deal with the headache of dealing with a difficult boss. Be professional in handling your relationship with the difficult boss. However, if after all that, it still seems not to be working, kindly find the exit door before you are shown one.

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