What to Do When Coworker Takes Credit For Your Work

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coworker takes credit

The workplace is filled with people with different personas and it is important to develop a better understanding of who they are and what motivates them. Such an understanding would help you thrive in the workplace.

Thelma, a marketing executive,  recently worked on a marketing strategy plan and went ahead to execute it, which led to a 50% increase. However, during a team meeting, Thelma’s colleague, Bisi, was commended by the Chief Marketing Officer for doing an amazing job.

As she heard the words roll out, a loud pause and chill filled Thelma’s head. She was not sure what she should do or say at that specific point in time – Should she call everyone’s attention to it by addressing it immediately or should she say nothing and allow someone else take credit for her work?? If you were in her shoes, what would you have done? When a coworker takes credit for your work, below are a few tips to help you.

1. Address The Situationcoworker takes credit

Anything you permit to happen once will continue to repeat itself; especially when left unaddressed. If a coworker takes credit for your work, you should move to address it. If you were in Thelma’s situation, you may choose to contest it at the meeting, privately with the coworker and your CMO or just the coworker. Whichever strategy you choose would be dependent on the magnitude of the credit being given or the short-term and long-term implication of taking such credit.

2. Share Your Results

Whenever credit for your work is taken by a coworker, it is likely a result of not communicating the results and strategy used in attaining such milestone. Ensure your work and results is visible to your team, manager and management. This makes it harder for your work to be attributed to someone else.

3. Speak to Your Coworker Privatelycoworker takes credit

Regardless of when you speak out when you notice a co-worker taking credit for your work, you still need to reach out to them privately. When reaching out to the co-worker, you need to do it privately and in a professional manner. This helps the erring co-worker see the reasons why taking credit for a colleague’s work is unprofessional. Such practices do not promote a healthy workplace.

3. Do More

A coworker taking credit is a sign of flattery and means you are getting desirable results for your employer. Going forward, ensure you don’t stop doing more because of such an incident. There is just a length someone can go with taking credit for your effort. Do not relent in your drive to do more.

Final thoughts on Coworkers Taking Credit For Your Work

When a coworker takes credit for your work, don’t hesitate to call it out but do this under the framework of professional conduct. One of the biggest dangers of allowing such injustice slide is that the decay will continue; not just with you but with other employees in the organisation.

Princewill Akuma
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