6 Office Culture Tips Entrepreneurs Must Follow to Succeed

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Impact of Office Culture on Employee Performance

The presence or absence of a positive office culture within an organisation can determine how productive employees would be or if they would merely spend their time unproductively and still get paid at the end of the month. At this point in time, their skill does not matter.

In Nigeria and the rest of the world, business owners  and HR professionals go through quite a lot of processes to ensure that the office culture is well rooted, clearly spelt out and adhered to by employees.


However, as beautiful as it is to have a healthy and productive office culture, keeping employees motivated could prove to easily become a daunting task if not well managed.

The is so because you cannot always accurately speculate how employees will respond to HR policies.

The interesting bit of this is that a healthy office culture can speed up the organisation’s growth rate. This further cascades into your employees enjoying a positive environment and having good employee morale while working.

Another exciting arm of this is that a healthy office culture helps employees focus on the most important tasks by prioritising them rather than just engaging in activities that merely kill time and do not necessarily help the company grow.


Tips to cultivate a Positive Organisational Culture

The ideas highlighted below will help entrepreneurs run their organisation in a better way.

By applying these tips, entrepreneurs will have a firmer grasp on how a positive office culture can engender happiness, employee motivation, regular feedback and among employees.

Within such a setup, employees will also embrace opportunities to learn. This encourages them to work harder, which will be beneficial for the organisation.

As a matter of fact, studies have revealed that happy employees are 12% more productive than those who are unhappy or largely indifferent.

Some of the signs that entrepreneurs should look out for to identify a negative office culture include:

  • Never innovative and prefer thinking inside the box
  • Excessively cautious
  • Conversations are guarded
  • Absence of fun
  • Widespread favoritism
  • Staff rarely laugh or smile
  • Managers shut down conversations around salary
  • Assigning tasks without explanations
  • Cliques exist and spread negative energy
  • Crucial topics are never discussed


Below are 6 ideas to create a positive office culture.


Infuse Your Vision

As the owner of the business, it is your responsibility to inspire your workforce to accept, embrace and implement aspects of the desired culture in their everyday activities. Your employee should know what the company is trying to achieve in terms of goals and organisational vision. The vision of the company will make your employee clear about the ultimate goal and they will feel motivated while working. Once they are aligned to your goal, you will see them work in line with these targets and will have fresh ideas to fast-track the achievement of these goals. Tasks that might have taken several days or weeks to achieve are completed within a shorter time frame. As expected, the organisation will begin to evolve positively with the effort of your employees.


Consistent Motivation

Motivating employees is not a one-time process. You have to keep doing it until people are connected to the vision. Meet your core team on a weekly basis. Have them share their opinion on your product, services and strategies. How do they see the product? What things are missing in the product or service you render? This idea-sharing strategy helps in understanding how people perceive your product. In the end, your product will be used by the people so it is better to get feedback from the real people.

Also, it is important to show them their future within the organisation and guide them to become  pivotal in the process of achieving the desired level of success of the establishment. Having a better understanding of your product/service will keep your organisation in the prominent position within the industry it belongs.


Enjoyable workplace

The workplace should be fun and enjoyable. When your employees consider the office an enjoyable place to work, they would naturally consider it one of the best places to work.

Build the office with enough space to hang around. Your employees should spend a major part of their productive time working for your company. They should feel comfortable in the office. The interior of the office should be designed by keeping employee’s comfort as your first preference. They may work standing or sitting on the couch. Meetings should be possible while walking around the office. Have whiteboards placed everywhere so that employees can write their ideas on the board instantly when it strikes them. Homes Direct 365 is one of the most popular suppliers of furniture

The amazing benefit of having a fun environment in the organisation is that everyone feels more energetic when they enter the office. They will enjoy their work which into becoming more productive. They will also show more drive and enthusiasm, which are some of the qualities employers look out for.


Simple and Clear HR Policies

You must render clear statements about what is acceptable and unacceptable in the organisation. Sometimes, you find yourself taking strict decisions to avoid the bigger problems that can damage the overall structure of the company. As an employer, you will encounter employees who are annoying. They will try to stop you from implementing your ideas and try to confound you with their habits and actions. In some cases, you will find them influencing hard working employees negatively and mostly for their own benefit. You must also find out some things – Do the monthly meetings articulate your thoughts on Human Resource policies to employees? Give the freedom to your employees to meet the HR directly if they wish to desire to discuss ambiguous policies.

When dealing with this kind of employee, you have to deal smartly. Instead of creating friction in the communication line, make the HR policies stronger and make sure they understand your thoughts about their actions. The people who are not connected to your vision should not be in the organisation. They will waste their time, your time and the time of other employees.


Achievable Targets:

Targets are another important factor that shapes the culture of the organisation. Setting unrealistic targets might increase work pressure for employees. If they are pressurised, then they will not entertain your team building efforts. They will resent your policies and will make deliberate attempts to avoid you.

On the other hand, if your targets are set too low, then it will create an adverse situation. People will spend their time playing and engaging in activities that do not align with the company’s objectives.

Therefore, you have to give them a measurable target, which they can achieve within official working hours. Keep in mind, people will be naturally inclined to resist change so, always tell them about their targets when you are hiring them.

If you are making any changes to their current targets, then explain to them with facts and figures. If you show them actual facts, they will be convinced.


Your Positive Attitude

Your attitude in the company will create a positive environment around you. You must train yourself to keep your mind calm and cool while dealing with people. You can’t just reach them and order them to complete a certain task. You have to be polite while dealing with your team. No matter what the situation is, under your leadership, you must think wisely.



Always remember that businesses run because of the people and for the people. So, keep this in mind as you take your first step in your leadership journey.


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