Connecting With Influencers as a Secret to Career Success

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Connecting With Influencers as a Secret to Career Success

How Influencers Can Give Your Career a Major Boost

Whether you are actively looking for a job, as a professional or searching for opportunities to advance your career, you need to take the bull by the horn and place yourself in the consciousness of influencers. But first, who is an influencer?

1: Those who can evangelise your talents and successes to others.

2: Those who currently hold, or have held, a position you want.

3: Those who could teach you something new.

4: Those who, just by being associated with them in some way, can strengthen your personal brand.


A while ago, I met a major thought leader in the Telecommunications industry and this was someone I totally admire. But there is a secret; even after meeting her and being in her space, I feel like I could do more with building a mutual relationship. She is, however, a super busy executive and I don’t expect that we become chummy and room buddies.

Of course, I have come to meet more top influencers in different industries and I am taking the cue from these tips to be more prepared and deliberate on keeping my relationship with these influencers!

When reaching out to them:

1: Be curious. Be genuine and Do your research: What are they currently investing in? maybe a project they are doing. What is happening in their industry?Where they hang out? What conferences and industry meetings are they attending?

2: Engage: This is quite hard even for me.By nature, I really do not like being a bother and I have a tendency to over analyse things. Hence, when I call and don’t get an instant response, my over analysing head tells me that I might be bothering the person but the truth is they are busy professionals. Just take your time and maybe send a text. It works!

3: Leverage on the relationships: I am learning the art of leveraging, so you are not are alone here. Men do this easier than ladies. Men know right away what they want from the relationship and they ask for it.

Women are more relationship driven, we don’t like to squeeze our relationships so it doesn’t bleed but if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

This is a tool I discovered and I am working it big time, I know it’s working so I am sharing it with you already. Ramit Sethi, calls it the Closing the Loop Technique.”


How to follow up your conversation with influencers

What you do after you have reached out to influencers and they have responded to you? For instance, what do you put in the ‘Thank You Note?’

Take the following steps in the 3 weeks that follow your meeting with them:

1. First week

In your first mail after your meet up, make a specific reference to something you talked about.

Say something like:

Dear John,

Thank you, I find learning about XYZ as very important! You shed more light for me and has inspired me to do more!

Have a great day,

Best regards,



2. One week later

Send a mail that’s totally focused on them! Do not ask for anything at this time: Just bring value!

For one of the influencers that I follow; we talked about LinkedIn and how to use it effectively.I have material on how to use LinkedIn as a professional. You can get the free resource on my website.

Dear John,

Saw this on and thought you would be completely interested in it.

How have you been?

Best regards,


3. Third week

You send another mail with quick update;

Dear John,

You mentioned A and I did A and here are the results I got

And you asked to check A, B, C and I am doing that and thought I should share the updates.

Thank you so much, I would keep following up on what you told me to and by the way, I am looking for jobs in the Human Resource management especially Talent Management, if you happen to know anyone to talk to, I would love to talk to them.

Thank you!



I know this works but with any great information, it only becomes wisdom when it is applied. The toughest thing on the journey to success is implementation. If we implement all the great information that comes our way, we would be better for it.

Doing all this distinguishes you as someone who:

  • Listened and took advice as most people never follow through, hence you take action seriously.
  • Genuinely cares about other people and brings value.
  • Willing to create a mutually respectful relationship and that you are the real deal!
  • Comes top of their minds. They are too busy to remember all the time that you said you need a job one time or that you can deliver some value.

Professional Relationship

Impact of influencers to your career

There are some benefits that come with having an influencer who believes in you and your career aspirations. All these benefits have one thing in common; they help you take your career from where it currently is where you want it to be.

Massive brand awareness

Having a social media influencer put out a word or video about you or the brand you represent is an amazing way to introduce you to the audience that you really need to connect with.

It is a powerful way to let the world know about you and what you do. This will work wonders for your brand awareness and eventually, you will have opportunities opening up for you. One of the biggest magics of influencers is their ability to make word of mouth work twice as effectively as paid ads and this is exactly when you need.

Effective and cost efficient

Influencers deliver impact when they talk about people and they do it in a way that will be effective and cost efficient for you. This is precisely why you want to put in all that effort to connect with one. Influencers will deliver exciting returns to your career and personal brand. A good example would be having an influencer like Don Jazzy talk about how good you are at providing relevant training and courses to help advance careers. He could take this a step further by mentioning two courses you helped him lock down and how they have impacted his career. This is bound to work wonders for you.

A lot of your time will go into finding the right influencer but the moment you get this right, you’re bound to feel and enjoy the impact of the influencer.


A blast of credibility

Earning the trust of a large pool of people takes quite some time to build, which is why organisations channel a lot of time and resources towards building this. But guess what? As difficult and sensitive as it is to gain the trust and confidence of people, influencers make this easier to accomplish. Influencers enjoy a reasonable number of fans, followers and loyalists, which is why you need to take them seriously. Working with an influencer will give your credibility a boost. People trust influencers and will trust you as well except you give them a reason not to.


Hope these tips helped?

You can tweak the sample emails to fit your scenario with the influencers that you admire.

I am not asking you to become ‘extremely patronising or petty. I am only asking that you genuinely connect with whose career journey has influenced or can influence yours.

I am asking you to create more opportunities for yourself by expanding your net worth with a rich network.

Samod Biobaku
A Nigeria-based writer and blogger who has written and edited for top brands including The SUN, Punch, Newswatch,, Bigsam Media, Nigerian Bulletin, Swish Interativ, Hello Nigeria, National LIFE, iCampus, Jobberman and Cheki.


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