Why You DON’T Need a Career Change?

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7 Career Change Mistakes to Avoid


Career holds great importance for a successful living of an individual. We always dream for a great job with a higher salary package to spend a luxurious lifestyle. To have everything stupendous, one should make a right career choice. A confused being can never go for an accurate path. It’s quite a hard decision for the people not aware of their skills. Most of us aspire to go for a career transformation because of the various issues with our boss, colleagues, job environment etc. But do you really think these are the right reasons to attempt a career alteration?

Questions One Should Ask Himself

We, being the professionals, mostly get bored of our jobs. Our career shift consideration begins just to have something challenging in our workplaces. Excitement becomes our biggest reason for the exploration of a new career. According to you, are these the genuine issues to decide your stay in current career or to hunt for a new one? What type of skills you think can become helpful for your career modification? What are your best abilities? Are you seriously doing a job you never loved? These are the questions one must ask himself honestly before going for a career change.

Common Issues of Professionals Considering Career Change

Professionals living in fantasy world should come back to the realistic one as a career change could make you pass through a number of consequences and outcomes. Successful career require years to be established and one wrong decision could become destructive for your wonderful livelihood. Going for a new field without any strategy even after enjoying a prosperous career is nonetheless a blunder. We, being employees start considering career change because of the following common issues:

  • Interpersonal Conflicts
  • Impact over Self Esteem
  • Low Motivation and Job Satisfaction
  • Low Job Security
  • Discrimination
  • Communication Problems
  • Low Salary Packages
  • Constant Job Stress
  • Ergonomics
  • Low Promotional Scale

If you are facing the above problems, then instead of thinking for a career change, all you need is to solve your matters while working in the same job environment. Let us discuss some ways out to these hitches.

Interpersonal Conflicts

If you are having professional conflicts with your colleagues, then it’s not a thing to be worried about rather it’s healthy for your progression. Such little clashes over the business problems give you a push towards professionalism and develops your personality in a competitive manner. Discussions over the organization stuffs are definitely good for your occupational upbringing and allow you to work over your inefficiencies as well as make you free to offer suggestions.

Conflicts must be restricted to the business tables. There exists a very thin line between being professional and being personal. While working in a specific job environment, you must carry professional conflicts with your coworkers but do not ever give it a personal shape. If you are having issues with your boss, learn the way to live with it. Strive to find paths moving towards his pleasing and build good relationship with him.

Impact over Self Esteem

Always try to have decent association with your workmates, as bullying, harassment, gossiping or even questions over one’s persona definitely put dangerous impact over his self-esteem. Avoid the wrong ways and work efficiently in order to be treated equally. Your great contributions towards your business could undoubtedly make others jealous of you but your virtuous behavior can also become a great key to your success. High pay or perks rest with no worth if you are not feeling good about yourself while operating in a workplace. So, instead of considering career change, you should boost your confidence as well as your links with the fellow workers, adopt fair decision making, accept criticism and enjoy growth and progression.

Low Motivation and Job Satisfaction

To remain competitive and produce valued products or services, organizations must adopt motivational and job satisfaction strategies. Happy employees definitely exhibit higher performance, great enthusiasm and productivity. To be a paramount company, personal working as a part of management committee should design motivational policies in order to encourage their colleagues as well as to restrict them to their own organization. A strong tie among the associates could definitely bring outstanding results for their own selves as well as for the organization. This great initiative could also limit a large number of career shifts.

Low Job Security

The professionals always work outstandingly for the organizations offering job security. For this purpose, one should not go for a career shift rather they should inspire the management with their exceptional performance. Their dedication could only work for them to become the organization’s best employee with high job security. Professionals operating within the HR department must think for their own as well as their fellow mate’s betterment by offering job security to the keen, loyal and committed workforces. These small changes in the company’s policies could craft employees devoted and put an organization over the path of profit maximization.


You should not get worried of discrimination as it should become your motivation to function outstandingly. Your performance can only become your biggest tool. In order to be fairly treated, you should build good relationships with your co-workers as well as work efficiently for the betterment of organization. You can also avoid discrimination by learning the art of pleasing your owners. One working productively for the company can never face discrimination over the base of language, color, creed, caste or even gender. So, keep yourself strong as well as hooked with your job to earn appreciation.

Communication Problems

Every organization adopts different means of communication. One takes time to get used to those ways. You should not think for a career shift instead of making yourself use to those paths. You can’t work well for your living in any company if you do not strive to perform stupendously in your current job. Competent communication skills offer your persona a tremendous uplift, so keep yourself interested and absorb distinct techniques of communication to be progressive. Communication power blesses a fabulous transformation to the persona of a professional, so improve your own expertise instead of searching for a new job.

 Low Salary Packages

Salary package is quite a flexible aspect in one’s professional living. If you are not satisfied with your salary and think it lower in comparison to your abilities as well as work load, then you should move towards negotiation instead of struggling for a new workplace. Salary packages are always calculated while keeping one’s capabilities in mind. So, enhance your enthusiasm towards your job, and you will definitely reap rewards for your livelihood without asking for them. Career shifting just because of money is definitely the biggest blunder one can do during his professional living. So, never ever try to attempt it.

Constant Job stress

Constantly augmenting wok stress put adverse effects over the professional’s health. The situation increases the number of errors and leads to lesser employee efficiency. You should learn the skill of managing work instead of decreasing its quality. Frustration, fatigue or illness can give your fitness a back gear, so avoid all such pressures and ask your management to offer you as much burden as you can handle. This could save the organization from poor financial performance and improve its excellence in a way beyond brilliance.


Ergonomics is basically a term used for a number of problems professionals have to face while operating in a specific job environment. The issues can be of minor nature but leads to major health problems. If you are having less lighting or uncomfortable desk/chair, then you should consult your management for the solution of these hitches instead of going towards a career change. Organizations are responsible for the well-being of their employees functioning all around the globe. So, no need to feel hesitated, ask your boss and he will definitely design a way out for your troubles. Organizations cannot afford such hurdles while moving upon the roads of prosperity as this could harm your work productivity, which is not at all good for an organization’s profitability.

Low Promotional Scale

Promotion to upper scale is definitely the greatest aspiration of an employee working for the success of his organization. One facing lower promotional prospects in his organization should not search for a new career as they could not also promise great advancement opportunities. To be at a top rank, first of all you should employ all your efforts for the expansion of your organization and then negotiate with the management to craft an efficient promotion plan. To earn benefits from the organization, you should prove yourself fruitful for the organization.

Final Thoughts for not Opting Career Change

According to Ryan Harwood, CEO of PureWow,

“Changing careers can be a scary thing.”

So, widen up your mind, discover your skills, work upon your expertise and keep yourself motivated towards your current job as work at any workplace can never be a work if it doesn’t contain stress, pressure and responsibilities. Good Luck!

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