Be Your Organisation’s Brand Champion

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The recent trend on social media has got people talking and making every kind of funny remarks. The trend and raving comments hinges on a particular incidence where the representative of an organisation was being interviewed and when asked a simple question about his organisation, he couldn’t answer. Infact he was actually clueless about what was being asked of him, repeating the fact that his boss is the only person capable of answering the question.

The cluelessness and constant repetition of his “oga at the top” being the only person capable of answering the question has caused a racket in Nigeria. But the question is this- are we not all the same? Don’t we all do the same embarrassing things to ourselves and the organisations we represent? Aren’t we all poor ambassadors of our various organisations?

If you were asked what the vision and mission of your organisation is, would you be able to answer? If you were asked to describe what your organisation is hinged on, plus the product and service offered, would you be able to answer? Do you know your organisation’s web space? Can you explain what every department in your organisation does and how they add up to the big picture?(That is if you even know what the big picture is)

Before we throw the darts of accusation and lash out funny idioms at the sitcom, let us weigh ourselves on the same scale of how much we know about our own organisation.

Every individual is a brand. You represent something, I represent something else. In the same way each one of us is an ambassador of the organisation we are in. We are the brand ambassadors. It therefore lies on our shoulders to represent and show our organisations in a good light. Everyone in an organisation, from the lowest level to the highest level is an ambassador of his organisation. How will you be able to speak for your organization if you don’t know your organization well?

Beyond being a brand ambassador is being a brand champion which means that you understand and carry the cause of your organisation. A brand champion sees the big picture without ignoring the nitty gritty of the different parts of the organisation. A brand champion impacts, molds and conveys the brand values to various target publics. A brand champion owns the brand in everything he does. Brand champions are like storytellers who spread the brand idea.

It doesn’t matter where you work, how much you are paid and what your organization is worth. Know everything there is to know about your organization. Do the work of an evangelist. Be your organisation’s brand champion. Be the brand evangelist. It will always count for you

So over to you: say five things about your organisation.

What is your organisation’s mission?

Lola Olakeye