6 Things You Should Do If Your Boss Quits

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boss quits

When your boss quits, it can provide a new opportunity for your career progression. On the contrary, a boss resigning might mean that you need to seek your career growth elsewhere. Whether it comes as a shock or not, here are some things you need to do immediately after your boss quits. When you have done these things, you will be in a better position to make informed decisions as well as what your next move should be.

Ask Questionsboss quits

Investigate and discreetly seek to understand the facts behind why your boss quit his/her position at the organisation. Was his/her decision as a result of the organisation’s declining health or did he/she leave merely to seek better opportunities and adventures elsewhere? Asking the right question would help you decide what your next course of action should be.

Have A Plan

A plan after your boss quits could be anything from preparing to seek to fill their position (if you are the right fit and have the qualification), leaving the organisation or just positioning yourself better within the organisation for the new boss who takes over in due time. Ensure you have a plan for whatever your next course of action would be and remember to write it down.

Be Professionalboss quits

Did you loathe your boss or had a not-so-great relationship with him/her? When such a boss makes an exit, you need to be professional and maintain a cordial relationship with him/her. Did you know that networking with former bosses can impact your career positively in the future? Therefore, do not involve in office gossip about why they quit or appear to be pleased or excited by your boss’ exit regardless of details of the circumstances around why he/she quit.

Time to Do More

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your boss quits, it is a great time to increase your productivity. In most cases, when a boss resigns, it presents an opportunity for you to ensure that the organisation does not suffer from his/her exit.

Studies have found that most professionals have a tendency to water-down their job ownership during such periods. You shouldn’t fall into such a scenario; no matter how tempting it is to go this route. Take complete ownership of your tasks; you never know which member of the company’s management is watching.

Plan Your Exitboss quits

If your boss quits as a result of the organisation not having any concrete plan for growth or a lack of structure to remain in business or compete, you might need to start planning your exit. This does not have to happen immediately but it should be part of your plan. Your ability to plan your exit will ensure that you are stuck with a company that does not have a future..

Get to Know Your New Boss

Raise your game and demonstrate to your new boss why you deserve a place on the team. You should also strive to understand them; their goals, style of leadership and the future they have planned for the team and organisation at large. Your new boss would like to learn about your achievements, how you do what you do. Essentially, you should be open to their style – It might pave the way for better results and a more formidable team.

Final Thoughts on What to Do If Your Boss Quits

The popular saying: “Make hay while the sun shines applies to the scenario of what you should do when your boss quits. This goes for anything you might be planning – whether it is on making your next move within the organisation or outside it. When your boss quits, it presents you with several opportunities to grow – Use it wisely.

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