Jobberman Best 100 Companies To Work For in Nigeria 2018

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The Jobberman Best 100 Companies to Work For in Nigeria 2018 is out.

The Best 100 Companies to Work For in Nigeria is an annual list published by Jobberman. This report ranks companies in Nigeria based on job satisfaction, employee happiness, career growth prospects, work-life balance and other relevant metrics as voted for by employees and career professionals.

The 4th edition of the ranking considered a total of 2,156 valid respondents, consisting of career professionals and employees across Nigerian owned companies and multinationals.

Below is an infographic highlighting the companies that made the 2018 list.Best 100 Companies To Work Nigeria 2018

Top Ten Companies on The ListBest 100 Companies To Work Nigeria 2018

Key Industries Ranked In Survey

Best 100 Top 5 - Energy Companies

Best 100 Companies To Work Nigeria 2018Best 100 Top 5 - FMCG Companies

Best 100 Companies To Work Nigeria 2018

Highlights From Demographic Insights

Best 100 Companies to Work For Nigeria 2018

The following are interesting highlights from the demographic insights of the Best 100 Companies to Work For in Nigeria 2018.

  • Men and women are almost as satisfied with their current place of work; 63% men while 61% women.
  • There are more women in entry-level positions, while more men with a slightly greater percentage occupy mid and senior-level positions.
  • There is a greater percentage of men in the higher salary bracket while there is a greater percentage of women in the lower salary bracket.
  • Men are also less willing at 24% to stay at their current place of employment than women at 34%.
  • Most entrepreneurs are over 40 years of age.
  • Pay is the most important factor for the younger demographic, closely followed by proximity to home.
  • Employees in more senior-level positions rate their companies lower; however, they are not as willing to leave as the entry-level employees, who have a higher flight risk.
  • On job satisfaction, business owners are looking for flexible working conditions and an opportunity for societal impact as their two top factors.
  • Entry to Senior level employees both seek the same two top traits, pay and proximity to home, although the order changes from pay to proximity as the levels go higher.


In subsequent lines, we will examine the analysis of the methods applied for the survey. This covers details like the categorisation of respondents as well as parameters used in measuring job satisfaction.

Respondent Categorisation

Respondents were categorised into two broad sections – internal and external. Both categories capture employed respondents on the premise who provide an accurate view of the metrics used in the ranking of the Best 100 Companies to Work For in Nigeria. Internal respondents are employees who work within an organisation while external respondents refer to employed respondents who have moved on to other organisations.

The key parameters for classification of respondents are highlighted below:

  • Gender & Age
  • Experience Level
  • Salary Level
  • Years of Experience
  • Job Satisfaction

The major work parameters responsible for the satisfaction ratings, as indicated above were centred primarily on Monthly Salary, Work-life Balance, Career Growth and Advancement, Welfare Benefits and Job Security according to their order of importance to employees and career professionals.

Things That Make a Company a Great Place to Work

Best 100 Companies To Work Nigeria 2018

Some of the features pointed out as qualities that make a company a great place to work by external respondents include:

  • Good welfare benefits asides from salary
  • Career advancement prospects
  • Job security
  • Good pay package compared to other companies in the industry
  • Learning opportunities

While internal respondents listed pride, company culture, career opportunities, diversity and inclusion and pay packages as top 5 features that make a great place to work.

How to Rank as Best 100 Companies To Work

Employers seeking to optimize their employee engagement strategy should consider the following as suggested by respondents:

  • Invest in Employer Branding: Your organisation’s branding should be positioned to give employees a sense of pride and recognition. This helps employee associate themselves proudly with the brand.
  • Invest in a Healthy Culture: Create or rebrand your employee engagement strategy to benefit both employee and organisation; a win-win. As seen from respondents this plays a huge role in reducing churn rates and motivating employees. Create such an environment and involve your employees in shaping the company culture.
  • Ensure Competitive Benefits Packages: Beyond paying a good salary, rethink what other benefits or perks that could ensure lower churn rate such as training opportunities, career advancement, work-life balance, and work mobility.
  • Encourage diversity and inclusion: Your organisation should ensure diversity across gender, tribe, academic institutions in the workplace. Being skilled and qualified should trump all.

Congratulations to all 100 companies who made our Best 100 Companies to Work For Nigeria 2018. For more detailed insights into Jobberman Best 100 Companies To Work Nigeria 2018, download your copy of the full report here.

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  1. Hi, Jobberman. I think this survey of the 100 best companies to work in Nigeria is a very good one. Kudos
    However, the 2,156 figure for valid respondent is way too small. I don’t think that figure can accurately provide the true picture of things.
    All the companies combined will employ over 500,000 people. Was the link to the survey posted on public social media channels? Many employees of some of these companies were not aware of the survey when it was going on.

    • Hi Oluwatobi, yes, the survey was shared with the public on several occasions and through various channels. The companies on the list were chosen based on the responses sent to us by their employees. Thank you.

  2. Very insightful. Awesome Job! Kudos to Jobberman once again…
    …Just curious to know where Jobberman ranked in the below 100 unlisted rankings.
    Just a tease anyway… LOL… Keep this going…

    • Thank you for the feedback, Ola. For credibility purposes, any company organizing a list like this has to stay neutral in order to avoid disrupting the main purpose behind it.

  3. Hi…cool list. Can we have the top 5 media/communication companies in the survey next year? Would be cool.

    • Yes Victor, this would be really cool. However, respondents like you are the ones with the final say. The more people recommend them for a spot in the Best 100 companies to work for, the higher their chances of being on the list. We guess the media companies would have to be on the lookout for our next survey.

      • Thanks for your reply. When your survey starts, I don’t mind being one of your respondents. Will look forward to your announcements in that order next year.

  4. I am a tanzanian university student who is interested in working in nigeria especially in the financial companies how can you help me?

  5. Great list here, i wish i can just be called for an interview ,i have submitted many application in GTbank yet to be called ,i still accept they are among the banks you need to work it here in Nigeria.

    • Hi Daniel, thank you for reaching out to us. We would advise you to keep applying for roles that you fit into, but, have you stopped to have a look at your CV?
      Your CV is the first contact you have with an employer and this says a lot about you.
      Kindly do a recheck on your CV to know whether you need a rewrite or not.
      Best regards.

  6. Ooops! No representative from the hospitality industry? Does that mean no hospitality industry is worthy to make this list?

    • Hi Gbenga, thank you for reaching out to us. The metrics for this campaign were collated based on the responses we got from the surveys we sent out. This means that organizations in the hospitality industry may have had a lower number of responses which would prevent them from getting to the list of the top 100 companies to work for in Nigeria in 2018.

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