How Being Too Nice At Your Workplace Can Affect You

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According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Minnesota, workplace friendships are impactful to your career and make you productive at work.

However, being too nice at work can result in your undoing although this does not mean becoming enemies with your coworkers. Rather, what this means is that you should not fall into the trap of always saying ‘yes’ to people and requests that come your way – Don’t become the ‘yes person’ at work.

Below are ways that being too nice at work can have a negative impact on you and your career as well as what you should do about it.

Reduces Your Ability to Be Assertive

Being a ‘yes person’ at work always reduces your ability to be assertive when it concerns your work, tasks, time and eventually results. This would go on to affect your ability to make decisions. Things might go as bad as losing the needed confidence to get your work done. Ensure that saying “yes” does not reduce your ability to be assertive; especially if it impacts your organisation negatively, say no.

You Take The Fall

Being a ‘yes’ person or presenting yourself as someone who is too nice will put you in a position where your co-workers might end up taking advantage of you. In cases where things do not go as planned, you might take the fall as you could get blamed for things you shouldn’t have been blamed for. Some of your colleagues might find this really easy to do because you have been labelled to be that employee who avoids faceoffs. Being the ‘fall guy or girl’ at the workplace can eventually have a negative impact on your mental health. It’s time you learnt how to say ‘no.’

Distorts Your Timeline

At work, a “yes person” would find it terribly difficult to be able to complete tasks and requests from coworkers because, by default, he/she tries to please everyone even if it means working with unrealistic deadlines. Ensure that your being too nice does not affect your personal timeline of deliverables at work as this would affect your performance ratings during reviews.

Being the ‘yes guy’ can cost you a lot but this does not mean you should be mean to your coworkers. They can be your friends and you can get along but just ensure you remember where to draw the boundaries. Finally, being a ‘yes person’ at work can affect your organisation negatively. Ensure that every decision you take or prioritise is in line with the interest of the organisation as well as your career prospects.

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