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Right now, I feel as if a part of me is coming out into the open. I love being able to peep into people’s world and extract strands of thoughts and imaginations. So, today I’m taking a sneak peep into the world of some writers and taking you along with me. These writers are experienced and at the same time growing. They are basically going to be talking about themselves, their writing lives, their thoughts on writing and life, a typical day in their lives and how they think and work.

Sylvia Nze Ifedigbo has this to say:

I am a doctor of veterinary medicine, writer and public relations practitioner. I am the author of the book The Funeral Did Not End recently published by DADA Books.

How I started Writing

First, I loved writing my own stories and I always got other people, usually older family members to read it and the feedback was always positive. In addition, in my English Language class in school I found tasks like essay/ letter writing very cheap and executed them with ease even when my classmates thought they were very challenging tasks. I guess these made me know I could do this without qualms.

How to be a Writer

First you must have read widely. That’s like a primary prerequisite. You must study other writers, their language and style and then gradually develop your own voice. Secondly you must be disciplined. Writing is a jealous skill. It hates to be shared or abandoned. So if you want to be a writer, you must make out time for it and do so over and over painstakingly. Be open to criticism and accepting objective opinion on your work.

My Typical Day

My typical day begins at 5am or thereabout. I have developed a habit of first going to twitter to check things up and perhaps dropping some tweets upon waking up. Then there is the usual routine of bathing and preparing for work and then the daily task of wading through Lagos traffic to get to work. I will rather leave out details of work here but it suffices to say that for someone like me who writes what I prefer to call every day stories in addition to having a weekly column dedicated to human interest issues everything I encounter: from the news on television before leaving home, the actions of danfo drivers on the streets of Lagos, to the headlines in the papers and discussions with colleagues form writing materials.

Nocturnal sounds more like it. I do much of my writing at night.

How I See the World

This might sound like a cliché but really, I see the world as a stage. We all are actors. We take our turns and leave. Some last longer than others on the stage but ultimately, the play ends.  As a writer, I see the world as my audience and my goal is to be read by people of all races and creed both now and even after I leave the stage.

A Phrase or Clause for Budding Writers

Read. Read. Read. I can’t say it enough.

The most important thing is to have courage. Find what you want to really do, inside you… Be bold. Engage the world.

Adebola Rayo, a full time writer shared her part:

My name is Adebola Rayo. I studied law, even went to Law School, but I work as a full time writer and copy editor.

How I Started Writing

I won’t exactly say I was a troubled teen, maybe a confused one though, and that was how I started writing – to make sense of all the things that were happening around me and to me. It was like therapy… an escape of sorts. I’ve been conscious of it since I was 13. Although I recently found scribbles in my class notes from when I was in J.S.S 2, which is age 10/11

I didn’t think of it in terms like “I can write”. It was just something I did, until my father found one of my journals and said what I was doing was “writing”.

My Typical Day

I’m surrounded by words all day. As a copy editor for an online newspaper, words are the first thing I confront in the morning and the last thing at night. I try to make out two to three hours in my day to do some reading and writing of my own. I write best at night, although I’m constantly typing ideas in my memo pad.

How I See the World


What it Takes to be a Writer

Read widely, and write constantly.

A Phrase or Clause for Budding Writers

Keep at it. I’m going to repeat what a wise man, Muhtar Bakare, owner of Kachifo Ltd., publishers of Farafina Books, said to me recently: “The most important thing is to have courage. Find what you want to really do, inside you… Be bold. Engage the world.”

Book shelf
Read Books

And Adejoke Adekunle,  blogger, editor and budding copywriter speaks on her thoughts:

I am a writer and I am currently pursuing a dream career in Copywriting, an enthusiast for great ideas who loves to play around words to express meaning to life, a research student, blogger and editor.

How I Started Writing

I wrote letters to imaginary persons, telling stories and also writing on things I perceived as my opinions about life.

I knew I wanted to write, and speak, but write more.  I wanted to be heard but I had the fear to speak, so writing helped me get my words out to people. I started with short poems, moved on to short notes and then participated in a few essay competitions.

How I Work

I’m more of a nocturnal person but I can also work in the day with earplugs on. The night works well for me. I love to meet people but I’d rather be in a room filled with books and comedy movie collections. And junk food.

My Typical Day

I switch between freelancing and academics, I don’t remember ever leaving my laptop for 5 hours straight and I’m always with a notepad, like teddy bears, they both have permanent spots on my bed. I don’t write all day but there are tons of things to read or jot down, that’s how I feed my mind and also get inspired to write. When I’m not working, I’m either taking a very long walk or hanging out.

What it Takes to be a Writer

Not all readers are writers but every good writer is a reader. Writing, like every other art can only be done well if you spend time studying the works of others. I still attend writing workshops and do some online courses. Talent is not enough to be excellent in the art, you have to learn from people, more importantly, the best people.

A Phrase or Clause for Budding Writers

Don’t be afraid to make writing mistakes, that’s how you get better. The more the criticisms, the better you become. Don’t take it all in but make sure you adopt the right ones.

Thank you for sharing with us.

You can Interact with Rayo, Sylvia and Joke by clicking on their names.

What are your experiences like? Do you want to be a writer? What are your plans? What do you love doing?


Lola Olakeye


  1. I felt good reading this because it captured my personality in many ways. I write too though I don’t have a published work yet.Like they all said, every good writer must READ. I enjoy reading works of other writers especially those whose style captivate me. A good writer needs discipline too. I’m working on that.

  2. Well,There are all role models,sincerely I love readin nd meditate on it but I find it a bit hard express wot I have to say,God will help us oooooo

  3. It really nice to see people living there dreams, i stand up with this ideal of writing and i seek that one day i will be lead by great writers to be part of history writers. the article has broaden my mind. thanks for taking out time to talk to all

  4. Its fun to always put one’s thought in a simple, logical and concise manner. Writing is one thing I have always liked but am more into academic writings and research works. Would really love to expand ?¥ horizon

  5. Thanks for this article, its really a start up for me. I have always admired writing and writers but i dont see myself as being able to write a good piece. I will take the tips shared and give writing a shot.

  6. Thanks, though, for a piece of advice and word of enouragement. its really appreciated. Actually, i have considering goin along this line, but really, i dont know how to get started. Simply, because, am confused with myriad of options! but, with these piece of advise, i will give it my best shot…….thanks alot!

  7. I know that i ve met the first criteria for writing whice is the ability to be able to read wide but i’m so lazy at starting the first line. Maybe, i lack the courage to do so. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. I like to write, to learn from other people,to jot things that l learn…but l think l find it more easy and interesting when it comes to arranging,organizing,putting things in order

  9. Pls, hlp me wt d right words to express my appreciation 4 these honourable writers. I’m encourage to put my ideas in to writing. I share somethn in common wt most of these writers-i’m Nocturnal as well. I do wake up early in d mrnin wt new ideas n thoughts rolling tru my mind. However, i don’t utilize most of dem meaning4ly by putin dem down. I’m guided nw by dis principle: “U hv no idea when u don’t put dem into practice”!

  10. I do commend u guys that have successfully created a niche for yourself in the area of writing. Thanks for the tips. Will start by God’s grace to develope this potential in me. More grease to your elbow

  11. Just wanna say thanks for ur contributions dat are awakening d consciousness of many to their potentials. Keep up on d good job.

  12. Actually i didn’t even get to read the whole article, cos i happen to be in a cafe and time is running out. But i promise you that this is something i have been looking for in the past five years. I have so much stories in my head that i sometimes feel like my head is going to explode but now i believe i have found a stepping stone to the beginning of my writing career (i hope) Is there anyway one could receive guidance on writing?

    • Hello Muktar, you can follow the writers on twitter and ask them questions. They’ll definitely help. Cheers.

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