Become Your Own Boss Via Intrapreneurship or Entrepreneurship

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Looking to become your own boss calls for a certain level of ownership of what you do. You need to own your tasks, processes, improving and optimising as well as giving more than you are asked or required to do; with the end results in mind.

One way to become your own boss is through entrepreneurship, which refers to the act of setting up your own business with a new idea or concept. Another way to become your own boss is through intrapreneurship, which captures the act of an employee being innovative in process, service or product for an organisation.

Whether in the place of intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship, when you become your own boss, it leads to a more fulfilling career. The following are tested and trusted ways you can strive to become your own boss.

Become A Game Changerbecome your own boss

The beauty in becoming your own boss through intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship is that you make the decision to become a game changer. There’s a significant shift in how you get things done or the process, which will be mainly backed by data, experience, your leadership style and/or gut.

When you to attain a boss status, it makes you a become a game changer and spurs you to invest yourself in many more game-changing undertakings. Hence, the results from these as well as your ability to take up such tasks, projects or ventures set you apart.

Have An Actionable Planbecome your own boss

You need a detailed plan or guide to become an intrapreneur or entrepreneur. An actionable plan guides your decisions as you proceed. By taking stock of your progress, you have a firmer grasp on specifics of what has been achieved s well as other things you are left to do. Both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs need a plan.

Know Your Financialsbecome your own boss

Regardless of the way you seek to become your own boss, it is important to be aware of your finances. If you lack a good knowledge of personal finance, perhaps a training on it is highly recommended.

Knowing your financials would also help you understand how your undertakings or ventures add to the overall bottom because the more you achieve, the more financial details you will have to deal with.

There are different reasons people seek to be intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs; whether it is to work from home in your pyjamas, have more time or to take on more with minimal risk to yourself and your organisation, being aware of your financial situation (both personally and as it affects the organisation) is key to succeeding at it.

Take Calculated Risksbecome your own boss

Taking risk is a great part of what leaders do. Your aspiration to become your own boss will involve risks; a whole lot of them. It is however important in both intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship ventures to take calculated risks as non-calculated risks can be detrimental to your personal goals as well as the organisation as a whole.

Fill a Need

When you become your own boss, your goal should be to satisfy a specific need and not just to become a boss just for the sake of becoming one. Filling a need in your organisation or with your entrepreneurship venture will ensure success over a period of time.

Final Thoughts to Become Your Own Boss

It is important for professionals to understand that you can be a boss within an organisation by either chasing innovation and building an amazing career path or via an entrepreneurship venture.

What you want to attain is to be unconventional and do things differently with the success you have defined for yourself as a standard. Thriving as your own boss through intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship is absolutely possible and you should research what suits your drive and need, then go for it.

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