Balance For Better: Jobberman Nigeria Celebrates Women

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balance for better

Wouldn’t you balance for better?

The better the balance, the better the workplace – Do you agree? Your ability to be innovative, driven and productive is not exclusive to any specific gender. it , therefore, did not come as a surprise that for this year’s International Women’s Day, the theme ‘Balance For Better’ sought to achieve a more inclusive and balanced workplace all over the world.

The International Women’s Day (annually celebrated on March 8) is a global day that celebrates women’s economic, social, political and cultural achievements all over the world. Over the years, the International Women’s Day now also serves as a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

The day have been marked for over a century; with the very first International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrated by over a million people across Austria, Denmark and Switzerland in 1911. Prior to this, the​ Socialist Party of America, United Kingdom’s Suffragists and Suffragettes, and further groups campaigned for women’s equality.

At Jobberman Nigeria, we join in the global celebration of International Women’s Day by focusing on career men and women to drive the conversation. This year, we tasked members of the Jobberman Nigeria team to share what the ideology of balance for a better workplace means to them individually. See excerpts.

Happiness Sylvester – Recruitment Consultantbalance for better

“As the mum of an amazing three-year-old, I try to empower her daily to believe in herself. I let her know that she can achieve anything she seeks to accomplish without barriers or limitations.

With her in mind, giving women more leadership opportunities and a chance to influence people in and outside the workplace would ensure achieving #balanceforbetter. I’d like to use this opportunity to say ‘happy International Women’s day to all the women doing amazing stuff.”

Prince Ihemegbulam – HR Practitioner

The recognition of sexes in the workplace is not enough. We have to accept the fundamental coexistence of both; like the synergy of efforts.

Collective success within the workplace requires an unvaried interlacing of male and female input. The more we balance the gender thought-process and innovation, the more successful our workplaces become.

Today, let us chose to pull down every wall fortified by gender differences for a healthy and productive workplace.”

Moyosore Oyebanjo – Digital Sales Consultantbalance for better

Everyone has a part to play at all times regardless of where they find themselves. Balance creates an even distribution enabling someone or something to remain upright, steady and working.

Consequently, gender balance will create a better working world. Ensure you do what you can to make a positive difference for women everywhere. Only when this is achieved will we be balanced for better. Happy International Women’s Day.”

Kemi Vaughan – Campaign Managerbalance for better

If you agree with me that brilliance is not exclusive to any one gender but evenly distributed across human beings regardless of their culture, belief or race then both in and out of the workplace our societies need to balance for better.

A world where everyone is given equal opportunities is a better world. Happy International Women’s Day

Adegoke Aderohunmu – Head of Salesbalance for better

Effective people management begins when gender differences are absent. A balanced workforce ensures better innovation and gives equal opportunities to staff members irrespective of their gender.

Happy International Women’s day to every Nigerian woman and a special mention to my awesome colleagues, it is a great pleasure and honour building one of Africa’s most impactful HR brands with you – Keep winning.

Chiamaka Okwuashi – Head of Human Resourcesbalance for better

Successful 21st century companies around the world understand the role of women within their workforce. Increasingly, women have picked up leadership positions in organisations and the impact of their involvement has been majorly effective. The big question is, wouldn’t you rather #BalanceForBetter?

Princewill Akuma – Marketing Specialistbalance for better

It is high time our workplaces across Africa strike a pose and balance more for better. Several research and data show how disproportionate the issue of equality is across the board. It is also interesting to note that data shows that organisations and societies that support balance, equality, regardless of gender, are better and more innovative. A balanced world is a better world – Happy International Women’s Day

Mary Okwudi – Head of Administration

The corporate world would be a better place when women are recognized, accepted and encouraged for their exceptional roles in the society at large as humans and not because of their gender or any other label.

Women are audacious, go-getters, meticulous, pivotal and zealous in the workplace, family and society. Lets all #BalanceForBetter. “When you raise a woman, you raise a Nation”.

We celebrate the contribution of every woman in the Nigerian workplace- You are cherished and appreciated. Happy International Women’s Day

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