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Once upon a time, sending a letter to the senior marketing executive in a company would mean typing out a letter on a typewriter, sealing it in an envelope and using the post office. Today, sending an email to the same senior marketing executive can be done in a space of 2 minutes.

The difference in both scenarios is technological advancement. Innovation in the tech space is an important part of your career as it has a great impact on your growth and efficiency. Here are some Apps and gadgets that you should look out for as they will eventually change the dynamics of the way you work.

I Can’t Wake Up!

How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Ignoring Alarm Clock

Ever had problems waking up to go to work? Do you use alarm clock Apps that you keep snoozing until you realise you are inevitably going to be late again? There are several Apps that you should look out for. An App like ‘I Can’t Wake Up! makes it easier to wake up. How is this achieved? The App has up to eight different ‘Wake Up Tasks,’ which won’t let you turn the alarm off until you finish them!

There are times when the temptation to get more shut-eye minutes gets in the way of important tasks and meetings. One of the options you can select from the App is one that presents you with arithmetic tasks the moment the alarm goes off. For example, you are presented with a list of tasks like these:

(6 x 5) + (7 x 7)

(8 + 9) + (4 + 5)

(7 x 2) + (3 x 3)

Other wake-up tasks on the app include those that require getting out of bed. The App has a ‘Quit Block’ option that will prevent you from leaving alarm’s screen until the alarm is finished.

If you are one of those who constantly finds ways to cheat alarm clocks, there is a Barcode Option. You will have to get out of bed to scan the code placed in the bathroom, kitchen or just on your table!

Word Lens

How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Language Translation

If your work requires that you interact with foreigners who speak a language you don’t understand, this App makes the tasks of translation much easier. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Word Lens leverages strongly on augmented reality technology. How does it work? It functions like Google Translate on-the-go. You simply point your camera at a text written in a foreign language and keep it as stable as possible for a few seconds. Within moments, the translation will appear in real time on your screen.

It becomes easier to work with people all over the world especially if you travel frequently.

Anatomy 4D

How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Human Anatomy

This is a futuristic App available for both iPhone and Android users. Using augmented reality, this App will aid you if you work within the health and medical space. If you are a medical professional, student, teacher, lecturer, Anatomy 4D will help you see and learn much more about the human anatomy using an interactive 4D experience.

The App reveals the spatial relationships of your organs, skeleton, muscles, and body systems and forms an innovative vehicle for 21st-century education.

Special Effects

How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Special Effects

If you have an interest in a career in movie production, there are several Apps that are currently being improved upon and will definitely change the way you work.

The Nigerian movie industry is known for its great stories but the same cannot be said about the use of special effects. Apps like the ‘Action Movie FX‘ have so much to offer you if you are into Vlogging either as a fulltime job or a side hustle.

With special effect Apps constantly being upgraded, more options will be available for you to work with.

Personal Artificial Intelligent Assistants

How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Virtual personal assistant

The future offers you a quite a lot of virtual personal assistants to help you with your daily, weekly and monthly tasks. They also possess a level of artificial intelligence. How do they work? You talk to these virtual assistants, which come as Apps and they respond to you as though they were human.

Virtual personal assistants will change the way you work because what they make the task of scheduling and automating your work easier. Examples of powerful virtual personal assistants include Assistant, Dragon Mobile Assistant, Lyra Virtual Assistant, Robin, DataBot Assistant, Jarvis and Cortana.

These Apps are intelligent and learn from your habits to give you information that you need. They can answer your questions, play music without downloading, call from your contacts, read your tweets, find restaurants, and much more. The App also informs you about what’s happening around the world depending on your interests.

The future will pave way for even more intelligent virtual personal assistants who will plan your day, tasks and appointments in fine detail. They will go as far as letting you know when you are spending too much time on a single task and urge you to put it on hold and move onto more pressing tasks. As interesting as this sounds, it is nothing compared to advancements that will be available decades from now.

Haiku Deck

How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Presentations

This App simplifies the task of creating presentations. How is this achieved? Unlike other software and Apps, Haiku Deck helps you achieve professional designs without relying on a designer.

It comes with millions of decks and thousands of templates that you can choose from. It also gives you access to over 40 million free creative images you can use. It is faster than most software currently available and is powered by artificial intelligence.

Sony Nextep Wrist Computer

How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Wrist computer

This device combines both the qualities of a high-end PC as well as a mobile phone. Guess what? You can wear it on your wrist. We are in an age that is predominantly run by technology and communication and this device will change the way you work. For instance, you no longer need to pack a laptop and a bag because the device also comes with an OLED touchscreen and a holographic projector.

Additional keyboard panels can be pulled out of the device and it easily connects to social networking websites. This will bring a lot of flexibility to your working environment and schedules.


How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Drone

Drones have opened up new possibilities in several career paths that will alter the way you work. For instance, if you work in the entertainment industry such as the movie industry, drones are cheaper than the hourly rates charged by commercial helicopter companies in capturing aerial shots.

Did you know that the legalization of commercial drones has been projected to create more than N28.4 trillion ($80 billion) in economic impact (such as revenue, job creation) between 2015 and 2025? Precision agriculture will provide the biggest piece of that growth.”

The drone will also change the way you work if you work in the real estate sector. Video clips of property and land for sale will become easier to capture. Real estate listings have had an impressive level of success with drone footage, especially in competitive markets.

Career opportunities in the military will also be thrown open with the growth of drone technology. Getting such jobs would mean enrolling in drone certification programs. Regulations on drones will continue to change and one of the best ways to stay abreast of developments is through officially accredited programs.

Drone pilot jobs are becoming more popular and in the future, there will be more openings from companies such as companies that use drone delivery service. Amazon actively explored drone delivery in 2014.


How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Employee Monitoring

Are you the kind of employee who spends as much as 3 hours watching Youtube videos or series at work instead of working on tasks assigned to you? If this is you, then the future might not be very kind to you. The reason is simple. Technological advancements like Veriato are developed to ensure that you do exactly what you are hired to do.

Veriato is an employee monitoring software. It logs virtually everything done on a computer — web browsing, email, chat, keystrokes, document and app use and takes periodic screenshots, storing it all for 30 days on a customer’s server to ensure privacy.

The system searches for anomalies that may indicate poor productivity (such as hours spent on Konga), malicious activity (repeated failed password entries) or an intention to leave the company (copying a database of contacts).

Your employer can set activities and thresholds that will trigger an alert. If the software sees anything fishy, it notifies management.

Radio Badges

How Technology Will Transform the Way You Work - Spy

Did you know that your employer can track the time you spend at your desks, in the cafeteria or in the restroom? This is achieved using radio badges like the one developed by Bluvision.

The radio badge tracks the movement of people or objects in a building, and display it in an app and send an alert if a badge wearer violates a policy.

The best way to prepare for the jobs of the future especially as it concerns technological advancement that will change the way you work is to update yourself with relevant training and courses.

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