Mind Games: A Test in Creativity.

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The 3.0, third dimension (3D) society in my opinion has been in existence even when we had not started interacting with it in the sci-fi way in which we now do. The world has always been in the multi-dimensional as opposed to being mono-dimensional. It has taken a few people the insight to discover it and then carve it out in their own perspective, which can be 4D, 3D, 5D etc.

In a post by 99u.com, emphasis was laid on creative mental challenges. Psychologists, recruiters, family, friends and subordinates come to seek for opinions, perspectives, insight, foresight and we as individuals tend to overlook the enormity of what our unique and sometimes out of the world point of view can mean to the other person.

It is rather pointless for your opinion to be sought, and what you can give in reply is a mundane, dull and very obvious answer. We are as individuals, corporations, organizations are looking for people who can handle and deal with things in creative ways, people who have the ability to engage in lateral thinking, that is, solving problems through a creative and indirect approach, using reasoning that is not obvious.

Let’s see you take the tests we have below and you may be amazed at what you’ll come up with. Try these brain teasing challenges, and have fun while you are at it.

Take the creativity test:

Alternative Uses Test

This test makes use of everyday object and meddles with the uses you can come up with. It therefore stretches your creative faculties by making you come up with various uses you can come up with for an everyday object. For example:

How many uses can you think up for Brick?

1. To build a house

2. Use as a doorstop

3. Use as paperweight

4. Throw through a window

Now come up with various uses for Spoon.


Remote Associates/ Word Association

Remote Associates takes unrelated words and asks you to come up with a word that connects all those words together. Solutions usually come up like a flash of insight.

With Word association, you come up with a word that is associated to the original word pronounced or written. It is often played as a game.



This is another method used to test creativity and creative responses. It is often used to test creative problem solving potential.

Marsha and Marjorie were born on the same day of the same month of the same year to the same mother and the same father, yet they are not twins. How is that possible?

Answer: They are triplets.

Now, let’s put our mental resources to the task.

Basketball: Our basketball team won a game last week by the score of 73-49, and yet not even one man on our team scored as much as a single point. How is that possible?


Mr. Shadow: Mr. Shadow opened the door to Dr Apple’s office and surveyed the scene. Dr Apple’s head lay on her desk in a pool of blood. On the floor to her right lay a gun. There were powder burns on her right temple indicating that she was shot at close range. On her desk was a suicide note and in her right hand the pen that had written it. Mr. Shadow noted that death had occurred in the past hour. He also realized that it had not been a suicide but a clear case of murder. How does Mr. Shadow know?


Nathan Jeffery


  1. Light up d candle, use its wax to gum d packet to d edges of d wall thereby converting d packet into a stand and thereafter place some wax inside and mount d candle on it. Hoperfully no candle wax will drip on d floor.

  2. Mr Shadow knew it was murder because dr. Apple was holding a pen and the gun used was lying on the right on the floor. This means dr. Apple has been murdered before the suicide note was written. The doctor cannot shoot herself and still write a note

  3. Mr shadow noted at d scene of d crime that d gun was at d right side of d victim Nd also she was holding on her right hand a pen which she used to write her suicide note. So it wld be concluded that it was not a suicide cos d gun being on her right side means she shot herself wit her right hand which is impossible considering she was wielding a pen on her right hand so it can be deduced it was a murder.

  4. From the test, it clearly stated the there is no need to light the candle itself. Simply use the match to melt the wax at the bottom of the candle & gum to the wall. There is sure to be no drip of wax without the wick lit

    The pen in the hand & the gun on the same side is a perfect proof. Therewas probably no splash on the paper. Close range shot from the side I believe is suppose to swing the head to the other side & not towards resting on d table

    My submission

  5. It is not possible for the Dr to commit suicide with her right hand and after which using the same right hand to write the suicide note,since dead men don’t write! The killer must have killed her,dropped the gun and put the pen in her hand or asked her to write the notes then shot her thereafter,anyhow, it is a clear case of muder!

  6. Mr shadow came to the conclusion that Dr Apple was murdered because with the gun(murder weapon) being at d right side of d victim while she had a pen in her right hand meant she was forced to write her suicide note after which she was shot at close range to create a supposed perfect suicide impression.

  7. About the murder case: The gun was on her right side and the pen was in her write hand also. She couldn’t have pulled the trigger and write at the same time.And aspar the Basket Ball team, it was a women’s team that’s why no man could score…

  8. d muderer treatend d doctor 2 rite a suicide note b4 kilin her & as d candle 2 burn it ve 2 folo principo xmistry since d burnin of a candle produce hydrogen(H) and carbon dont allow H to rxt wit oxygen 2 form water or alow d wax to drip on d material untop d table.

  9. 1. Women’s basket ball.
    2. Dr Apple was holding the pen in her right hand where the gun also lay. She couldn’t have shot herself and THEN written the note.
    3.I can’t even see the objects.

  10. Basketball: Because the men on the team scored 2 or 3 points. Or alternatively, the women on the team did the scoring

  11. The pen was still in dr apples hand not possible if she shot herself! U can attach the candel to the table by putting a nail in the table then stick the candel on it no wax on the table!

  12. It is a clear case of murder. But the murdered may have written the suicide note herself under influence to make it look like it, until proven otherwise.

  13. Wrap the candlestick with a paper,then use the wax of the candle to glue the candle to the wall. So, the wax will not drip on the table.

    Mr Shadow knew Dr Apple was murdered because Dr Apple was holding a pen purportedly used to write the suicide note. If it were suicide, she could not have possibly been holding the pen. She would have written the suicide note first before shooting her self.

  14. And if she had written the note she would have droped both the pen and paper on her table befor going ahead to shoot herself

  15. Candle: pin d pack of candle to the wall wit d pins first and then strike a match apply its flame to d body of d candle while holding s candle over d pinned pack, quickly stick d candle to d wall.

  16. Candle: better still pin d pack for d pin to the table, heat up d side of ur candle with flames from the matches,and stuck it to d part of d wall over d pack for d pins

  17. Varuouse uses for a spoon:
    – use to eat
    – use as a guard against onion fumes
    -used to open tins
    – use as a weapon
    – flick at a friend
    Wink wink

  18. Mr Shadow knew it was a murder because it is not possible for Dr Apples to hold a gun to shoot herself and also hold a pen with the same right hand at the same time. One had to come before the other meaning if it were a suicide, she would have written the note before shooting and the pen wouldn’t still be in her right hand. Hence she was shot before the note was written.

  19. I will empty the thumb-tack packet and pin it to the wall (using the thumb-tacks) to form a candle stand. I will then light the candle and place it in the box, using the candle wax to secure it. By doing this, I don’t think any wax will drip on the table.

  20. empty the pack of pins,then place the empty pack on top of the wall and push a pin or pins through the base of the pack till its firmly inserted into the wall.then place the candle inside the pack and make sure u seal it to d base of the pack using some of the wax u get after torching the candle wick with the matchestick. the pack will collect all the candle wax as it burns.

  21. Attach the drawing pin box with one or two drawing pins to the wall, melt a little wax into the box to hold the candle steady, and there you have a candle holder and no mess from the melted candle wax.

  22. mr shadow knew that Dr Apple was forced to write the suicide note,because she was murder.
    according to mr shadow at scene of the crime that Dr apple was holding pen on her right hand to write the suicide note nd at the same time gun was found on her right hand side to make it look like a suicide.
    to my own point of view, After forcing Dr Apple to write suicide note, the killer shot her with the Gun wearing hand gloff and place the gun on her right hand side with her Dr Apple finger print on the gun.

  23. – the basketball team was a female basketball team

    – Dr Apple: she was shot from the right side. She’d have been with the gun and the pen on the table if it was a suicide.

  24. Our basket ball team won the game by 73-49 by not scoring a single point, but because our opponent scored the points counted for us against themselve and the points counted for them against us.

  25. If Dr. Apple shot her self probably with the right hand, she would have shot her left temple. Also, it is impossible 4 her to have shot herself and still have a pen on her hand

  26. With regards to d Basketball team. It is very possible dat not even one man on d team score. All d men on d team are officials, not players. How wuld they score when they do not form part of d players. Had it been “men in d team” then I will have a strong reason to argue against d possibility.

  27. 1) The scores for the basketball game are possible where all goals where scored by the opponents, even with them scoring more against themselves than for themselves.

    2) The comments on Mr Shadow’s observation and conclusion are correct – the pen was placed in Dr Apple’s hand after the shooting, hence it couldn’t have been suicide.

    3) A look at the picture of the table and the wall shows that there’s a space (gap) at one end, at least. We are concerned with ensuring there’s no spill of wax on the table – we don’t have any instruction about the floor so I would attach the candle between the space, such that the wax would drop to the floor alone.

    Thanks for sharing. Do you have some more, please? It’s fun, I admit.

  28. 1.the team members scored more than one point.

    2.dr apple did not kil herself cos she holdin a pen and the gun that killed her was lyin on d floor,she couldnt has shot herself,throw d gun away and hold a pen

  29. The right hand only(and not the left)could make the shot onto Dr Apple’s right temple! She couldn’t have been holding the pen and the gun at the same time before making the shot.And if she did,the pen would not have remained on her right hand.


  31. Dr apple held a pen at her right hand and the gun powder was observed to be at d right temple, therefore she was either force 2 to write the suicide note and then shot while she was at it or the suicide note was written after she had been shot.

  32. Empty the box of thumbtacks then put the candle into the box
    Now, use the thumbtacks to nail the box, with the candle in it, to the wall, and then light the candle with the match…

  33. 1. The basketball team is a Female Team.
    2. Because he(Mr Shadow) murdered Dr Apple.
    3. I couldn’t view clearly materials on the table. So I can’t answer the question well.

  34. A is .Spoon , used in : Eating food , cooking, lab, …
    B. It is a murder case because the gun and the pen are on the same side .. on the right hand side.

  35. Dr Apple did not commit suicide becos no way she wld av n still av a pen on her hand.the murderer must av faked the letter and the scene.
    The basketball opponent must av scored all the point both for and against.

  36. Dr Apple couldnt have committed suicide because she obviously writes with her right hand and the direction the gun lay was to her right side and the bullet hole was on her right temple, so she couldn’t have shot herself with the left hand and drop the gun to the right since the pen was on the righthand.

    • it is simple, Mr shadow shot her
      and the candle wax will not drip on the table if you do not light it after sticking it to wall with the push pin and the basket ball team hired mercenaries

  37. Of course, Mr Shadow will know. For one who want to commit sucide his/her actions will follow thus: write a sucide note, drop the pen on or beside the sucide note, take the gun and shoot.

    In my opinion, is not possible for Dr Apple to have commited sucide and still have the pen in her right hand, the pen is the first thing in action and then the gun, not the gun before the pen, she must have used the pen to write sucide note before she shot herself in the head.therefore Mr Shadow was right.

  38. Some pple can reason ehn! Folly I hail oooooo…
    A female bball team. Too much activities on the right side with just one hand,d note was staged,a gunshot isn’t a medicine overdose where ur nerves wud still holdon to a pen.

  39. A spoon could be used for:
    As a weapon
    As drum sticks…lol

    As for the basketball team.I can think of 2 possibilities…
    1.The team might have hired players to play on the team on their behalf
    2.The team could be comprised of both men and women

    As for Doctor Apple.She cannot have shot herself and written a suicide note afterwards…with the same right hand

  40. Mr.Shadow knew Dr. Apple to be a lefthanded person. it was nt possible for her to have shot her right temple, write with her right hand and if indeed she shot herself, d gun should have fallen to her left. Therefore must have shot her and made it look like suicide.

  41. On the murder case:

    This is as classical a murder case can get. First things first, its a murder without a motive; the intent for killing Dr. Apple wasn’t mentioned or made known to us.

    But I have questions, why would a murderer shoot a person and leave the gun in the crime scene? Its either one of two things: its either the murderer wants to get caught or its simply his trademark.

    The lead character here also noted that death had occurred in partly an hour ago (when the crime was committed), we are not told in the story whether there was a forced entry into the office, and it also looks as if who ever did this did a very clean job except leaving the gun behind, which is rather puzzling. The story goes on to say that Mr. Shadow ruled out suicide and concluded it was murder. How did he know?

    My Conclusion:

    Mr. Shadow shot Dr. Apple and wrote the letter that made it look like a suicide. If you ask why did he leave the gun behind, its because he knows he can never get caught, its only his shadow that was there in the first place.

  42. People keep saying dt it was Mr Shadow who murdered Dr Apple. It may be him & may not necessarily be him. Besides, dt is not what was asked frm d murder case. The Questn is, How did Mr Shadow got 2 know dt it’s a murder not suicide? Simple! He concluded frm an analogy @ d scene of d crime dt: Seeing a gun @ d right hand side of Dr Apple’s office floor and d pen used in writing d suicide note held in her right hand. It’s not possibl 4 one shoot himself, then pick pen and write a note. The later has 2 come b4 d former. She was forced 2 write d note after which she got shot. The shooter then drop d gun on her right hand side and put d pen on her right hand 2 depicts a suicide. The pen held in d direction of d gun is d major clear indication dt it wasn’t a suicide, but a murder.

  43. Mr shadow knows because he was there at the scene, he was Dr’s shadow who follows her everywhere she goes and does exactly what she do and see everything she does in her secret.

  44. Mr shadow might have carried out some invistigation with an evidence that the letter back dated with time and from the fact that after using the same hand to write the letter then dropped the pen and picked a gun shot herself then pick the pen again, does not really make any sense. So therefore i think she was compelled to write the letter and at the end she was murdered.

  45. Spoon can be used:
    1)For eating food
    2)For drinking e.g. Custard
    3)As a weapon
    4)As a tool e.g. hammer
    5)To serve food
    6)As a stirrer for mixing
    7)As a guage 4 measuring solid or liquid substances such as salt, sugar (solids) and palm oil, syrups in drugs (liquids).

  46. 1. Everyman on the basketball team scored more than a single point

    2. Mr. Shadow is the spirit of Dr. Apple’s body after the murder

    3. Use the match stick and strike a fire, then place the fire under the candle stick for some seconds without it dripping and place it on the table for firmness.

  47. The Basketball Game: In a Basketball, there is nothing like a one point in its rule (when you score in the dunking ring, d player gets a two point, outside the ring is three points) So logically, none of d players could “have scored as much as one point”…lol

  48. Intelligent quota?
    Lets not be biased. i dont know why we must accuse mr Shadows. if i were to support him, Dr Apple did write the note the with the pen at hand, as she was in a haste, (must have heard mr shadows coming),quickly took the gun and shot herself. The gun being heavy fell off and there she lay still the pen @ hand, only for us to crack our coconut heads!!! i hope it turns the table around.

  49. a spoon..can be used
    1. for eating food
    2.for sipping tea
    3. for taking syrups
    4.for opening crown corks
    5. for opening flush doors with broken handles
    6. for ringing a bell
    7. for breaking and beating eggs
    8.for opening crown corks
    9. for scooping milk,and dried beverage
    10. the base of many spoons, can be used as a makeshift screwdriver
    11.can be used as a makeshift boiling ring, when attached to appropriate wires
    12. can be used as a magnet
    13. can be used to kill a housefly or spider
    14. can be used to blind someone if poked.
    15. for preventing teeth clenching in epileptic patients etc

    B. word association..- lion, antelope. spider, housefly, monkeys, banana, tony blair, hamburger…word that comes to mind-MEAL

    c..The basketball team was made up of women
    d. Dr.Apple, was lefthanded and mr shadow knew, he also knew the handwriting on the suicide note was not dr.Apple’s.
    e. pin the candle with the paper pins to the ceiling over the table, and dont light the candle

    • The spoon can also be used to apply jam/magarine; together with a glass to draw attention before making a toast; to hold water meant to dissolve a tablet.

  50. The rival team could have thrown in the ball into their own net mistakenly
    It wasn’t suicide, if it was suicide doctor apple couldn’t be holding the pen.
    This does not however signify that Mr shadow the killing like what most people have suggested
    Pin the candles to the wall with the pins, place the pin container beneath the candle on the table, the candle wax drops into the container and not on the table

  51. @Lizzy,thanx 4d commendation. This is not a speed nd accuracy test. Rather, it is analogical deduction through criticalreasoning. It’s really fun!

  52. For those who say its Mr Shadow that’s d murderer, i’ve got a question…why would u shhot someone, go thru the stress of stagin it as a suicide and then come back an hour later to survey the scenery!!!

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