4 Things Employers Look for When Comparing Your LinkedIn Profile and CV

Even though a prospective employer may only have your resume, that’s not going to stop them from also researching to see what you have on LinkedIn. The fact is, if an employer is screening you, they are going to scour the Internet for information to make sure you are who you say you are on your resume.

So, what are employers looking at when they compare your resume to your LinkedIn profile and other social network profiles?

1. Expertise.

Anyone can write on their resume that they have over 10 years of experience in the field of XYZ, but does that really mean you have expertise and knowledge of the practice? Employers will be looking at recommendations received, endorsements to specific skills, groups you’ve joined and even links to any published content you have. In particular, someone with a lot of recommendations and skills endorsements will be contacted first.

2. People in common.

When someone finds you on LinkedIn, they will also see if you know anyone in common. This lets them check references and see the kinds of relationships you have.


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3. Employment.

Did you work for the companies you indicated on your resume? Are the dates of employment the same? Did you hold the title of the position stated on your resume? Anything verging from what you have on your resume is a red flag to the prospective employer.

4. Education.

Employers will look at the educational institution attended, areas of study, and if you have indicated receiving a degree on your resume that that information would also appear on your LinkedIn profile. If such information is missing, it would hint at some sketchiness on your resume.

In today’s job market, just about anyone who’s serious about job searching will have a LinkedIn profile. To not have one is telling prospective employers you are not up with the modern age. So, before you apply to any other job openings, make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated to reflect information you have on your resume. It doesn’t need to be the same word-for-word, but the basic gist of the information must come off the same. Employers will be looking!

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