4 Reasons You Are Getting Low Quality Job Applications

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The process of hiring could be a tad bit stressful and overwhelming especially when you’re constantly dealing with low quality applicants. Technology has made the recruitment process easier especially the use of recruitment platforms like Jobberman.com.

But why is finding quality job candidates still so difficult? There are a myriad of trends and factors—inside and outside company walls—at play here. Here are some ways you can effectively discourage low quality job applications –

1. Your recruiting strategy is outdated – Are you still advertising vacancies on newspapers, random websites or even accepting email applications? Then you’re doing it wrong. Placing job ads on big media outlets will get you a lot of low quality applications. Why not make use of job portals and recruitment platforms which have tools that encourage job seekers to complete their profiles so that they can unlock features that will improve their chances of landing the right job.

2. Your job post isn’t effective – The job descriptions you post are likely the first point of contact you’ll have with potential candidates. You want to inform them, intrigue them, and entice them to submit an application—but also make sure you’re getting “the right” people in the door. The quality candidates might miss your job advertisement because you used wrong keywords or crafted a poor job description that they do not comprehend. What can you do better?

Ensure you use a straightforward job title, make use of vital keywords, craft a concise and well-written job description.

3. You’re accepting too many applications – Limiting the amount of job applications will help you reduce job spamming. Also including some disqualification factors will help reduce the chances of getting low quality applications.

4. You are not using the right tools – Rather than having to go through hundred to a thousand emails one after the other, why not make use of Jobberman skill assessment – this is a specially designed & unique test for all major job role categories. Our skills assessment will save you the manual stress, guarantee you high quality candidates and ensure candidates have the core competencies you are looking for. The results of the test will automatically be available to employers via the Jobberman account. 

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Seyi King
Seyi King is an internet entrepreneur, author and digital marketing specialist. He is passionate about the internet, business, and how civilization develops. He has deep curiosity for nature and the unfolding role Africa will play in globalization.