3 Tips for Filling that Hard to Fill Position 

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Every organization wants quality talent, you want the best of the best to help move your business forward. It could be hard filling basic roles, imagine the stress of having to recruit for highly technical or hard-to-fill positions; you need to have a fresh approach to successfully do this. 

Revise your Job Description  

To attract quality talent, it is important to highlight the quality benefits and rewards of working at your organization. Yes, the goal of a Job description is to get potential candidates to apply and sell themselves but before that stage is reached, you have to first sell your company to the potential candidates. This is one of the effective tips for filling hard to fill positions. 

To get quality attention, you need to include company perks, benefits (e.g health care, sponsored courses), career advancement opportunities, and possibly interesting projects candidates can expect to work on.

Encourage Employee Referrals 

No one knows what’s best for your company like your inhouse people do. Employee referrals are one of the easiest, quickest, and most effective ways to recruit, they know exactly what your company is looking for and often know someone capable for the role.

Utilize effect recruitment platforms 

Cut the stress of filtering through CVs and attending long interviews, could be boring sometimes; why not use a platform that works? These tips for filling hard to fill positions is used by smart employers to improve their hiring process.  Watch the video below and see another reason why employers choose an effective way to hire – Jobberman!


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Seyi King
Seyi King is an internet entrepreneur, author and digital marketing specialist. He is passionate about the internet, business, and how civilization develops. He has deep curiosity for nature and the unfolding role Africa will play in globalization.