3 Common Mistakes Most Recent Graduates Make in Their Job-Search

Being something you eagerly looked forward to, becoming a graduate could be fascinating. Finally, you’ve begun enjoying freshness outside the four walls of school; those long unending hours of classroom lectures and assignments have all come to a halt- at least for a while. However, the stakes are raised higher; more is expected from you, your success or failure in life hinges on the decisions you make at this moment and one of the things at the core of these decisions is earning a living. For graduates who are not entrepreneurs or self-employed, the job-search option seems the alternative. Quite surprising, many recent graduates find it a daunting task to secure a job, sometimes lasting several years after school, which only disrupts their career plans and advancement.

If you hope to get employed soon, here are a few mistakes you need to avoid in your job-search.

–           Wait for the Big Pay-Check: The job market is not a place to play hide and seek games. Competition for jobs stiffens even more because there are fewer jobs despite the increasing number of qualified people. That you are yet to receive an interview invitation for your dream job shouldn’t make you turn down other offers. Although the remuneration might not be satisfying, the requirements from start-ups and SMEs are usually less compared with long-established firms. In addition, your first few jobs will serve as a means to broaden your knowledge, build your experience and prepare you for your dream job. More often than not; the better the Job, the more the requirements.

–          Only look for a job: Employees are quite aware you’ve probably been unemployed for a while but they want to know what you spent your time doing as you waited for an interview opportunity. For Nigerian graduates who have to engage in the compulsory one year Youth Service, it’ll be to your detriment to start searching for a job after NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) with no outstanding skill or work-experience.  The period between your graduation and call-to-service (at least a month), even while at your Youth-Service; could be very useful to build your career in the right path and help you meet some job-requirements. Acquire professional certifications, engage in volunteer work, learn a new skill, explore internship opportunities and practice on the things you already know how to do. Consequently, when there’s a need to talk about your job-search experience, you’ll have a compelling story to tell.


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–          Not have a ready CV: Many recent graduates don’t see the need to write a CV unless there’s a job-opportunity; small wonder many CVs look hastily prepared with errors and are generally unprofessional. A bad unprofessional CV can rob you of several jobs as it won’t get past the HR department’s trash can.  At Jobberman, you can have your CV written by our experts to give it the required professional touch. Visit our Career Services for details.


What other common mistakes do graduates make? Please share your comments in the section below.


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  1. Mr. E. A Sunday

    Another issue is that; graduate forget God who is the source. Humanly speaking, it takes the grace of God for you to strive “especially at nigeria context”

  2. Adewole H. Adedayo

    The get-it-at-all-cost syndrome. Some sacrifice their individuality, integrity and worth on the table of job opportunity. Any job that undermines your individuality n integrity is not yours. With little more efforts and patience the right job will come. Also, job searches should apply the principle of “whatsoever your hand finds doing”. Thank you.

  3. Emeka moreno osian

    Nigeria as country is mistake,cos the govt has no plans for the youth’s ,no proper programme for us to aquire special skills,even if there is any one avaliable the so called snators and house members will not allow u to see them

  4. balobusy

    @ mr sunday, u ????????????? right my broda it only takes the intervention of God to survive in this country

  5. Mr iriafen, A

    Our nigeria school system should be well organised. Nowadays students do almost 80% theory in school… We also should learn the need for skills acquisition……

  6. Mr A. J Ajisola

    In addition to what the first speaker had said,some graduate believe in Godfatherism that lead them to waste much of their time and turn them to uligance and turge in the society.

  7. frank

    Am an OND holder on Electrical/Electronics Engr.with one year experience in oil&gas services company (Halliburton Nigeria) and valid B.O.S.I.E.T. Certificate for Offshore.

  8. Gyang

    Even if it mean voluntary work a graduate to add to his CV While into trade With God by your side nothing wld be impossible

  9. Akanji Matthew

    What we have in this country are enough for us, but the only problem we have relate our people in position of that resources those people lacks managerial skill & possess the spirit of self centered! My only advice is that we YOUTH should not rely on our Certificate[s], other than cultivate the habit of ‘TURNING PASSION TO BUSINESS’.

  10. Akanji Matthew

    What we have in this country are enough for us, but the only problem we have relate our people in charge of that resources those people lacks managerial skill & possess the spirit of self centered! My only advice is that we YOUTH should not rely on our Certificate[s], other than cultivate the habit of ‘TURNING PASSION TO BUSINESS’.

  11. ben

    Not wishing to start from a humble beginning is another big mistake a person can make.
    starting from a place that may not necessarily be in line with your dream is not a setback

  12. suberu michael.

    i’ve got problems wit job info online. This pple are always asking for 3years and above for working experience. Where should young graduates start from?

  13. Clifford

    Anoda mistake is d fear of been employed by young graduates b/c of many yrs of experience attached 2 many jobs

  14. james udeh

    life in 9ja is god,i dt just kn hw to stop tinkin of getin job day n nite somebod pray 4 me ooo

  15. sanishuaibu

    Almighty Allah has planned the life of every individuals before he/she come the world,therefore, graduates should be sorry and keep exercising a patience with God everything is possible,and God’s time is best,

  16. Adisa akeem

    There is particular a field that can employ 7o% of graduate ,d youth graduate should be ready to work at a time they can.

  17. Amaka Anaeki

    Is only by grace of God that we will survive in this country, becos most people are not working in their area of their study.Once you have somebody on top you are going.

  18. Cherry Yoro

    Dont be idle: ‘whatever ur hand findeth to do, do it well’ graduats(corpers) should engage themselves in business, no matter how small.

  19. Igbin Bashir

    Totally agree with this. Having some sort of experience outside N.Y.S.C is quite remarkable and attracts employers on the resume.

  20. Jean Park Bestman

    firstly, to my own opinion, is receiving any offer just because you need a job.
    secondly, not putting into consideration the following below:
    1. renumeration and terms
    2. location consideration
    3. incentive and other additional services offered by the organisation.
    thirdly, assuming you have the properties to get the job, forgetting integrity will be lost and not realizing God can still make miracles happen.

  21. jide pomary

    another mistake graduates make is they are instantly looking for big-paying jobs…

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