2018 Recruitment Trends: 6 Learnings From Experts

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The best way to achieve your goals is to plan your work but it doesn’t end there. You also need to work the plan because planning is essential to success. To help you prepare better for the year, we have compiled a total of 6 learnings from experts, which cover 2018 recruitment trends you should factor into your plans at this time of the year.

Take a sweeping look at trends within the recruitment space for a deeper understanding of where you need to focus your recruitment marketing efforts in the next quarter and the rest of the year. Keep an eye on them and how they affect your business.

1. Prioritising Passive Candidates

2018 recruitment trends - Business priority

A recent survey has highlighted the fact that 70 percent of HR and talent acquisition professionals have jointly raised concerns over the shortage of skills in the recruitment space. They consider this to be one of the biggest recruitment headaches they have had to contend with.

The depth of this problem is so grave that for some specialisations such as AI and tech-related skills, companies are sometimes willing to offer ridiculously high remuneration to secure the best talent available.

Candidates that are in such high demand and have to be attracted with enticing salary packages and perks fall under the canopy of passive candidates.

The scenario that businesses have to deal with is that passive candidates are usually already hired by other companies and in most cases, they have to be poached. In some cases, they actually love their current jobs and it takes more than just a 20 percent increase in their net salary to bring them on board. It takes more effort to recruit such candidates, especially when compared with other candidates.

Empirical evidence with the talent acquisition space has not shown any signs that this trend will change anytime soon. This has, therefore, birthed a trend where companies and businesses should prioritise their active interest in passive candidates as well as perfecting strategies to attract such talents.

2. Raising the Bar on Candidate Experience

2018 recruitment trends - Candidate experience

Recruitment marketing has shifted attention from adoption to embrace better optimisation. What this means is that optimisation will drive a growing number of recruitment marketers to focus more on their conversion numbers. To improve the metrics around conversion, more professionals will shift their attention to improving their candidate experience.

In other words, businesses will dedicate more of their attention and resources to the quality of candidates that they engage with the goal of having better conversion and ultimately, a better pool of qualified candidates.

To achieve this, companies will work on achieving better employer branding, improved mobile experience and making online application processes faster and easier.

For instance, the Quick Recruit service helps HR and talent acquisition professionals hire candidates in 5 days.

Businesses that get this right will stand out from the crowd and those who fail to catch up with this trend will lose the best talents to other companies.

3. Evolving Workforce Impacting 2018 Recruitment Trends

2018 recruitment trends - Work force

Do you know what the Gig Economy is? If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s okay because a whopping 75 percent of adults are not aware of what it is despite its importance.

Despite the mystery around the Gig economy, it has begun impacting the future of talent acquisition and the society. Experts have, however, expressed their uncertainty around what the conclusive impact of the Gig Economy will be.

The Gig Economy can be loosely described as a subset of the workforce who create a part of their income through freelance or contract work. It includes those who create a large chunk of their earning by weaving several contract jobs and freelance opportunities together. The Gig economy has expanded to accommodate marketplaces like Uber, Taxify and more.

This has generated a growing shift in the interest of job seekers towards job opportunities within the freelance and remote working space.

The workforce is not only evolving. It is doing so a very dramatic pace. As the workforce continues to evolve, businesses will need to refocus their priorities to develop strategies that will make their brands more attractive to outstanding talents within the evolving workforce.

For instance, did you know that a company gives its remote employees what it calls a technology stipend of N720,000 to purchase a laptop or whatever helps them work? Such employees also get N180,000/month for a remote office space also known as co-working space.

4. The Rise in the value of Social Recruitment

Social recruitment

Before now, social media has been mostly considered a place to promote your brand as an employer and less of a place where you should post open jobs and roles. That has changed.

Millennials have since become an integral part of the evolving marketplace for talent acquisition and only expected for recruiters to meet this generation of talent where they spend their time. Such places include Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Experts have submitted that the sheer value that the social media provides to HR and talent acquisition professionals has forged it into a formidable channel in the recruitment space.

Did you know that as much as 86 percent of candidates rely on the social media to find jobs?

5. A Spike in the Automation of Talent Acquisition

2018 recruitment trends - Automation

With recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, quite a lot of has changed within the recruitment space especially as witnessed in the development of smarter Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and chatbots.

It, therefore, becomes important for businesses and recruitment marketers to keep a close tab on advancements within the automation space towards generating recruitment strategies that save money and time.

6. More Competition For Online Recruitment

2018 recruitment trends - Online recruitment

The online space has climbed to the top of the list of how candidates look for jobs as well as how companies search for talent.

The level of interest shown by tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook and Google lend credence to how massive the online recruitment space has become. This is an interesting development for HR and talent acquisition professionals who will ride on the trend to strengthen their recruitment strategies and ability to hire the best talents.

Now that you have digested all these about 2018 recruitment trends to look out for, how do you take proactive steps towards planning?

Our team of talent acquisition experts can help you have a better understanding of your current recruitment strategies as well as areas where you can make timely improvements.

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