10 qualities employers look out for

There are some key qualities employers look out for when recruiting and they include:

1. Detail oriented

Employers love individuals who pay attention to detail – A wrongly spelt word or a grammatical error has been known to hurt brands. For instance, spelling ‘Tecno’ as ‘Techno’ is a mistake that could take millions to rectify. So, employers love men and women who pay enough attention to detail in their work to avoid slips of this nature.

Branding mistake image 1 Branding mistake image


2. Team Player

Are you a team player or are you that kind of person who believes solely in your skills. Or maybe we should ask you this way: Do you operate like a Luis Suarez?


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Luis Suarez - Jobberman
…Tied with Messi for the highest assist in the La Liga this season and known for his ability to work within a team.

…Or are you like Arjen Robben?

Arjen Robben (1)
…who was repeatedly voted as the most selfish player in Europe by fellow footballers and sport writers

3. Ability to learn

You should love to learn and the reason is just simple. No man is an island, which explains why employers love individuals who are eager to develop their skill-set and improve themselves.




4. Leadership skills

There are always two kinds of leaders – Good ones and bad ones and usually, employers do not need to rocket science to find out where you belong. Your CV and how you respond to interview questions go a long way in showing where you belong. So, if you’ve got great leadership skills, good for you and if you’re not so great at it, work on it.

Good or bad leadership


5. Thinking outside the box

Are you the type to take the initiative and come up with an out-of-the-box idea to move an organisation closer to its goals or do you just sit behind your desk waiting for instructions? Employers love people who are creative and have fresh ideas.

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6. Drive and enthusiasm

Some employees are highly enthusiastic about completing their tasks and looking forward to the next one while we have those who take forever to complete any given task and might even sigh whenever tasks are assigned to them. Which of these two are you? It’s important to ask yourself this question because employers have a natural soft spot for the former.


Tired or enthusiastic - Jobberman


7. Communication skills

Too many people tend to take this for granted. it is important to be able to express yourself and it is even more important to be seen to be able to do so. Communication is an integral part of a job. No employer wants to hire a person who cannot communicate effectively.

Communication skills - Jobberman
This should not be you


Communication is very important - Jobberman
Communication is very important especially within a team


8. Ability to stay calm under pressure

What usually happens to you when you are put under pressure? Do you stay calm and focus on the job or do you crack and explode like fireworks? Employers go for individuals who are able to handle the pressure that often comes with meeting deadlines and multitasking.

Working under pressure - Jobberman 2


9. Organisational and management skills

Employers are always glad to hire people who have good management skills. Projects have been known to fail and succeed over this singular skill and it covers management of time, resources and decision-making capacity.

Concept of choice between two options marked as A and B. Letters are printed on note paper and attached to crope with clothes pins.


10. Ability to be flexible

Are the kind of person who can accomplish a task in more than one way? Do you find creative ways of dealing with tasks and deadlines. When you find yourself against a wall, do you collapse against it or do you knock a hole into it and keep moving? How you answer these questions go a long way in determining what employers think about you. The more flexible you are, the higher your chances of getting hired.

Find a way to be like this


..And not like this

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  1. Tressie Waillaims

    Communication skills are must, every employer want his employee to be a good communicator so that he can express his ideas clearly and confidently in speech. Thanks for the post!

  2. Igbuan Ifidon

    How do you logically deal with a situation where your boss does not carry you along in decision making just dish out orders, even when u have a better suggestions, he ignore it! But, when you do it is way and the is a fault he tells the management is your fault.

  3. Violet Gibson

    Thank you for the great ideas! Finding the right employee for your company has never been easy and easy task. The top priority qualities for an employee in our cleaning company are: attention to detail, enthusiasm and communication skills.

  4. ClaraKemp

    A great post. you have put up all the qualities one candidate must have when applying for a job. COmmuniction is the key to success.

  5. Steve Ighorimoto

    Thank you so much for sharing. In today’s business environment , people skills, strategic thinking, ability to adapt to new technology,change and volatility are critical for success .

  6. Ekene

    Great piece Damola! LOVE the way it’s so fun and relatable (football references and pics) and not all GARB and exhaustingly formal like some professional tips articles.

    Thanks a lot! :)

    • Samod Biobaku

      Hello Viklin. We appreciate the comment and your interest in the article. It offers us an insight into how to present even better articles to you in the coming weeks.

    • Samod Biobaku

      Hello Deborah,
      Thank you for reading the article. We are glad you enjoyed the article. We will continue to work towards delivering even better articles to you. Wishing you a happy New Year.

  7. JustHuman

    One of the last things you should be doing on your social media pages is complaining about your employer, fellow co-workers, or any of your superiors. Some workers think that it’s okay to do this, as long as you aren’t “friends” with any of your co-workers or bosses on social media.

    However, to be safe, it’s better to keep these kinds of comments to yourself altogether. Perhaps your boss has sent you to complete another mundane task and you’re feeling the need to vent.

    In a thoughtless moment, you post on your Twitter account about your annoyance at being assigned the task; your boss isn’t on Twitter, but one of your co-workers (who also happens to be striving for the same promotion you are) is; he sees it and shows it to HR, and suddenly you’re in big trouble.

    When posting anything about your employer, co-workers, or superiors, it’s always best to ask yourself, “is this something I would say to the owner of the company?” If the answer is “no,” then it’s probably better not to post it at all skelbimai. Of course, it’s understandable that workers need to vent about their jobs sometimes.

    That’s fine, but social media isn’t the medium for it. If you have a legitimate complaint, bring it up formally to your Human Resources department or a superior to have it addressed the correct way (and not put your job on the line in the process).

  8. fireboy and watergirl 4

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  9. Ken William

    Thanks a lot, a very useful post. For me communication skills are very important, every employer wants to be a good communicator so that he can express his ideas clearly and confidently in speech.

  10. Mayur kohli

    A great post. you have put up all the qualities one candidate must have when applying for a job.More employers are now looking beyond the degrees to find candidates with competitive people and workplace skills. Thanks for this useful blog!

  11. Steven

    Very useful post, Oyekunle Damola. But i think you’ve missed the 11’th. As for me another important thing is a perfect CV. When i was searching for a job no one answered me. An then i realized that there are some problems and asked professional cv writers to help me. When i’ve posted my new CV on the second day i had a job! I wish a luck for everyone who is searching for a job.

  12. Benjamin

    Of course, every employer is looking for a super employee, to which you can include all the qualities that you indicated in this article. I for myself have identified the three main qualities that you will surely succeed at work:
    – Leadership skills. \Agree, it is difficult to imagine a good head of the department, which does not have leadership qualities, is not it?:)) So development in yourself this skill is very important if you want to conquer the tops of your career ladder.
    – Communication skills. In fact, any successful worker can find a common language with a loved one, this is an excellent quality that will help you achieve many goals and not just workers.
    – Ability to be flexible. Only flexibility and not standard approaches. If you are not afraid to try something new, and do well in this, you have a straight road to the top!

    It was these skills that helped me become the head of the department in one of the cheap writing service. I wish everything does not stop there and always go only forward to your goal!

  13. pranit

    More employers are now looking beyond the degrees to find candidates with competitive people and workplace skills and these are the qualities and skills that employer actually looks in you. Thanks a lot for this insights!

  14. slope

    What’s up it’s me, I am also visiting this site daily, this website is in fact pleasant and the viewers are in fact sharing good thoughts

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