Would you choose passion over money?

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In my experience as a recruiter, it is almost common place for me to ask everyone I interview what their career motivation is? Many often don’t have a clue of what their own unique answer is. Let me add that everyone is not the same, so our internal motivations would definitely differ. On the other hand, I have seen a common trend which made me pen my thoughts and such has birthed today’s post. Hence, I need to ask you – What is your career motivation – Passion or Pay? To help you find possible insights to answer this question, please continue reading.

The term motivation often is used to explain decisions and behaviours that cannot be explained by ability alone. Motivation is concerned with the direction, arousal, amplitude, and persistence of an individual’s behaviour.

Career motivation encompasses a wide range of career decisions and behaviour. It includes the motivation you have to follow a particular career path, decision to take a job offer with an organisation, choose to stay with an organisation over joining another, or in a way know what drives you in your career decisions. In summary, what is your career decisions and behaviour anchored on?

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

The above quote is credited to Confucius, the great Chinese legend. I believe many of you would have come across the above quote at one time or the other. Many career coaches often cite this quote at will during career counselling to drive home the view that a person’s career decisions should be based on passion and not pay.

“After a certain point, money is meaningless. It ceases to be the goal. The game is what counts.” – Aristotle Onassis

Once your passion leads the way in your career pursuit, pay would definitely be a part of the career equation. Many who choose the big bucks (money) early in their career journey without developing enough ‘capacity to earn’ often get their fingers burnt later. Passion is a requisite to developing job competence/expertise and you would surely be paid for competence/expertise no doubt! I’m not proposing that you leave pay for passion that would not pay a dime – not at all. Career wisdom is profitable to direct that you endeavour to balance both passion and pay to your career advantage as you progress in your career journey.

So ask yourself, what is your career motivation – Passion or Pay?

Please drop your answers in the comment section below and let us have a one-on-one conversation today. I earnestly long to read your comments!

N:B: I specifically made today’s post short so we could have real discussion on this forum today. I am passionate about helping as many as I can. So flee free to share your thoughts with me.

7 Responses to What is Your Career Motivation – Passion or Pay?

  1. Many people are there whit a loat of Creatifity,But Lack Of Capital can not allowed them to Come out an be proud of there self.My owu advise opinion is,No matar any condition we don’t need to give up.No matar any Starconstantcy,we have to continue puting more efforts,Because destiny can be late but it can’t nevar be change.Please my brother and my sistar don’t let us gives up.from-Okunuyiolowa


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  4. Emmanuel says:

    Hi segun, first of all, I would like say what a lovely idea u just brought by initiating this forum. I believe it would really go a long way in aiding a lot of young people in the society. My dilema is this, I currently posses a degree in accounting buh do have a very huge flair for music (rap genre). Now I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I kind of see that there’s a lot of competition in the music industry at the moment and my given specialized genre, makes it really tough to get the kind of exposure u require to land u on the big stage. Buh, having a degree, I believe kinda gives u a certain leverage in the sense that if given a job tomorrow, u could actually boost a steady source of income as long as u keep a steady head in the office. U know what they say, “passion makes it more enjoyable” but then again, I don’t wish to make a decision that I’d later regret in future which is why I’m confused here.Please, what do u suggest I do about it?

  5. Tajudeen Ibrahim Adekunle says:

    I am personally motivated with drawings and I have interest in transforming drawings into practical reality.

  6. yakubu says:

    I am glad I came across such a great and wonderful career building and developing question.
    Am a man of 37 years old and I have being in engineering field for quite some good years now always working with group of engineers and expert rates even till date. my vision is to take my career to the international level but this has been a great challenge to me since I was only a school cert holder. please can someone help me to break through this loop


  7. Odey Roseline says:

    Thank u so much for puting ur thought into writing. Although am stil a corper but soon to pass out. My passion is to always satisfy d needs of clients in wateva organization I find myself. I feel fulfilled when a client or customer is satisfied with my service. Studied international relations though but I jst love to meet pple and try to meet up or solve their challenge in my own little way. I cud do very well as a Personal Assistant cos am very SMART and jovial. Thank u once again.

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