Dragnet SolutionsEmployers and recruiters alike have over the years incorporated several means to assess and pick out right talents for their open roles, and aptitude tests prove very useful in the screening process. Most job applicants who are required to write aptitude tests as part of a hiring procedure usually have so many hurdles to cross and passing aptitude tests seem a herculean task for most jobseekers.

We hosted Dragnet Nigeria –  a recruiting solutions team, in our last Twitter session to share insights on how candidates should answer aptitude tests. If you are new to this, Twitter Tuesday is a 2-hour session where jobseekers, employers and career professionals alike all convene to share ideas, ask questions, build professional networks and open up their world to new insights and opportunities. Twitter Tuesday has hosted professionals like Tosyn Bucknor, Tolu Ogunlesi and Oluyemi Oloyede; going by the name, it happens on Twitter every Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm.

See excerpts below:


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Weizzy’hills (participant): What is expected of me in answering personality assessment?

Dragnet Solutions: It totally depends on you. If there is a time in between sections of the test, you can use that to compose yourself. Answering as your self as honestly as you can.

Oluwasegun (participant): What do employers look for in our responses to personality questions?

Dragnet Solutions: Expectations vary with each role.They expect your personality traits to match those required for the role.

Adigun (participant): What skills do you test for in graduate trainee position which you carried out for Cadbury?

Dragnet Solutions: For the personality tests, the traits being assessed include discipline, influence among others.

Wasemi (participant): What kind of questions do you expect in an IT-related job aptitude test, especially for Web Design and Content Management jobs?

Dragnet Solutions: Tests on problem-solving are a good place to start. Detail and fault checking tests as well.

MagicLady (participant): How will unsuccessful candidates know they did not make it to the next stage?

Dragnet Solutions: Communicating success or otherwise to candidates is usually based on directives from the employers.

Anne Ebinum (participant): I always answer honestly, but I never make it through. Despite series of advice not to be contradictory, I strongly feel employers are not really particular about you being sincere with your answers.

Dragnet Solutions: We would still advise you to be as honest as you can be when answering personality assessment questions. Asides selecting candidates who can do the job, employers also try to find the right fit for their culture – this is where personality tests come in.

Excerpt edited and condensed for reader suitability. Read full interview here
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  1. Okpolua Benedict says:

    I was asked in an interview, how much did I want to be paid and before I went for the interview, an inside source have review to me that their pay is N50,0000. So, when I was asked? I requird that they should pay me base on the coy paying guidelines and one of them said, how much am I worth?
    pls, how can I tackle such questions from employers????

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